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Hello. Primary 3

Hello primary 3,

Hope you are all staying cosy & really sad we are missing World Book Day as was looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous costumes, maybe we can ask Mrs G if we can do it another day.

Can you,

Read📕, it’s still World Book Day so wear your costume & read your book.

Spelling, spell your words in the snow & bring in a picture.

Maths, can you practice giving change from £1 & seeing if you can recognise & add with a selection of coins to £1. You could also write your tables in the snow!

Topic, look at some Scottish artists & see if you could copy their style.  See if you could research some famous bridges in Scotland, where are they, when & how were they built?

Write an adventure story about what happened in the snow!!!! It could even be a comic strip.

Also get out & have fun in the snow & bring in some pictures when we get back, enjoy making some great snowy memories.☃️

Stay cosy & warm & hope to see you all soon. ☃️❄️

Love Miss Ross & Mrs Peck xx




Primary 3 Drama

Today we worked with Shonagh from the Brunton Theatre on a new workshop called “The Red Tree”. We had to show lots of different emotions on our faces and we had to work together as a team to create our responses to the story. It was great fun and we hope to do lots more drama next term.


P3 Information Handling

In maths we have been looking at information handling. We have looked at Venn diagrams, bar graphs, tally charts & tree diagrams. Today we had great fun, using SMARTIES! Miss Ross set us a smartie challenge, we had to work with a partner to count and sort out smarties into categories, then we had to make a tally chart and a bar graph to show our results. We showed we can collect data, put it into our graphs and then interpret and explain the results. The we got to eat them!!!



P3 Generation Science Workshop

In Primary 3 we had an amazing workshop this morning. It was called “Ella’s wobble” and we had to explore how sounds are made. We went on a journey to investigate different animal sounds, how echoes are made and what the word “pitch” means. At the end of the story we got to make 3 different musical instruments which imitated the noise of different animals, it was super fun!


Primary 7 Drama

We are very lucky that for the past 2 Mondays, Shonagh from drama services has come into work with us. Our drama was all about the life of Anne Frank, some of it was really sad and we had to work hard to stay in role and bring our characters to life! We also had great fun and really enjoyed performing our group pieces to the rest of the class.


drama-041 drama-039 drama-032 drama-031 drama-029 drama-028 drama-025 drama-023 drama-020 drama-014 drama-011 drama-006 drama-003

Primary 7 Castle Visit

poetry-003 poetry-009 poetry-010Last week we visited Edinburgh Castle for a workshop on Poetry. We had a tour of the war museum and had to use our senses to describe how it made us feel. We then got to look at lots of objects from World War 1 – we had to describe them and think about what they may have been used for. Lastly we visited the Memorial Room, we had to look for a name and then acting as Detectives, we had to try and find out what had happened to that person. I am sure you will agree how fantastic our finished poems are! I am very proud of your work Primary 7.


castle-2016-002 castle-2016-004 castle-2016-005 castle-2016-006 castle-2016-007 castle-2016-011 castle-2016-013 castle-2016-014 castle-2016-029 castle-2016-030 castle-2016-032 castle-2016-035 castle-2016-037 castle-2016-040

Primary 7 Technology Workshop

This morning Primary 7 enjoyed a technology workshop from the Museum of Flight. We had to  work in groups & follow strict criteria to create out own vehicle for carrying objects. We had varying degrees of success but we finally all managed to create successful vehicles!!! It was great fun and we were VERY enthusiastic learners!!

p7-2016-086 p7-2016-088 p7-2016-095 p7-2016-096 p7-2016-102 p7-2016-108 p7-2016-111

Primary 7 Fruit Tuck Shop

p7-2016-071 p7-2016-073 p7-2016-075 p7-2016-077 p7-2016-080

Primary 7 opened their fruit tuck shop on Monday. We had lots of happy customers & will be open every Monday at break time from now on. We hope to buy a wide variety of fruit so that our customers have the opportunity to buy some new and exotic fruit. Prices are from 25-45p and we hope to see you on Monday.

P7 & P1 Fruit Tasting


fruit-tasting-016 fruit-tasting-017  fruit-tasting-019 fruit-tasting-020 fruit-tasting-021  fruit-tasting-023  fruit-tasting-025

Last week Primary 7 & 1 took part in a fruit tasting organised by Pamela from Roots & Fruit. We all really enjoyed it and some of us were tasting things for the 1st time!!! We all agreed that dates were not our Number 1 favourite thing though!!! On Monday October 31st Primary 7 will be running a fruit  tuck shop in school at morning break. All fruit will be priced from 25p – 45p & we hope that you will come along & support us with this new venture.fruit-tasting-001 fruit-tasting-002  fruit-tasting-004 fruit-tasting-005  fruit-tasting-008 fruit-tasting-009 fruit-tasting-010 fruit-tasting-011