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Sending Code

P5, 6 and 7 were set the challenge to communicate with each other without speaking.  They were given a box of equipment including wires, batteries, bulbs, buzzers, paper clips and switches.  It is amazing what we discovered in 40 minutes. 

Budding Electrical Engineers

More science week activities.   We got an opportunity to create our own circuits.  We discovered how buzzers work, where wires go and what happens when you use lots of batteries or lamps.  We worked on this for 1 and a half hours.  Science is fun!

Science Club

This term we have 2 sessions of science club as we have been oversubscribed.  Who knows?  The next Alexander Bell or John Logie Baird may come frm East Linton.  We have biology, physics, chemistry and engineering items planned for the club.  This week the club devised experiments and recording methods in our investigations of soap and bags!

World Maths Day

Our P6 reading buddies helped us log on to the world maths website.  We competed against children from all around the world including Japan, Oman, USA, Australia and England.  We did very well, P1/2 are very good at maths.

P1/2 Visitor

A lady called Hazel from Scripture Union came to talk to us about Fairtrade.  Hazel had brought us lots of things to try on, see and touch.  We  saw photos of a school in Africa. They had no pictures on the wall, no desks, no drawing equipment.  The headteachers  office looked very different from Mrs Warehams.  Cameron and Abby played a game, they had to scoop rice.  It was very unfair, Cameron had a big spoon and Abby had a little spoon.  We know what the fairtrade logo looks like.


What a great way to learn about directions.  We programmed the bee robots to move around the classroom.  It was so much fun.  Harris would like one for his next Christmas present!

K’Nex Challenge

At science club this week (and next week) we are taking part in knex challenges.  We are making ferris wheels, cars that move, windmills, swings and helicopters.  Jasmine and Ailsa (Our DGS S6 students) have also agreed to continue helping run the science club, letters will be sent home soon.  Next week is the last week of this block of science club.