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P3 Maths Games

Here are some photos of Primary 3 working on their Maths this week. They have been using some of our Maths games to solve number puzzles, revise number bonds, test new strategies for subtracting and work on multiplication. Well done P3!

Primary 3 Suspension Bridges

This week in Primary 3 we have been learning about suspension bridges. We used straws, card and string to try and make a mini suspension bridge and compare how heavy a load it could carry compared to a simple beam bridge. Great team work from our P3’s as they thought about how to make the suspension bridge work and investigated its properties.


P3 Another great bridge!

Here is one of the children in our class showing us the amazing aqueduct he built at home. Wow! Thanks for bringing it in – it looks amazing 🙂

We have been learning about the Romans and their bridge building skills as part of our topic on bridges in Primary 3.  Arches feature in a lot of bridges and we have seen in our classroom experiments why they are such a good shape for carrying loads.

P3 Talk on Architecture and Bridge Building

This week in Primary 3 we were pleased to have a visit from Ian Sutherland who came in to talk to us about architecture in relation to our topic on bridges. Ian told us about the role of an architect and shared with us some of the projects he has worked on, including designing the abutments for the new Queensferry Crossing. We were really interested to hear about what architects do and we saw how important team work is when Ian showed us a photograph of all the people who had worked to complete a bridge. It was fascinating to hear about the process of designing a bridge and what things need to be considered.

It has been really inspiring to have these visits from Michelle and Ian about civil engineering and architecture. It’s a great opportunity for P3 to see how the skills of team work, design and problem solving that we are practising in class in our topic on bridges are the same skills that our parents are using everyday.

P3 Creative snow day projects

Delighted to come back to school after the snow days last week and hear about all of the interesting projects that Primary 3 did at home. Lots of fantastic research into bridges and great stories of various snow building creations. Wonderful work on spellings and Maths too 🙂 Thanks Primary 3.

Here is a photograph of one of our P3s  and the replica 3D arch bridge that he built at home using cardboard. It looks amazing!

P3 Civil Engineering Talk

Primary 3 had a talk this week about civil engineering and learnt about the role of a civil engineer in bridge building. Thanks very much to Michelle Coyle for coming in to speak to us and sharing so many interesting stories about her time as a civil engineer. It sounds like a fascinating job and a very interesting one for pupils to think about who enjoy solving problems. There are lots of very skilled problem solvers in Primary 3 🙂


Primary 3 Testing our Truss Bridge

We finished making our truss bridges this week in Primary 3. How strong do you think a bridge made from lollipop sticks held together with glue will be? We decided to test one of the bridges using dictionaries as weights. Some of us thought the bridge would only hold three dictionaries. Some of us thought it would hold as many as six!

Eleven dictionaries and then we ran out of dictionaries!! We thought about why the truss bridge was so strong and how our knowledge of triangles as strong shapes helped. When we eventually broke the bridge by testing to see if it could hold someone’s weight, we thought about what we could do to make the bridge even stronger.

Primary 3 Bridges – watch and learn!

Hi Primary 3,

Get a headstart on our new topic about bridges by looking at these clips:

Do you think glass is a strong enough material for building bridges?

This one is about what makes bridges strong:

Check out these terrifying bridges! Would you be brave enough to cross these? Mrs Peck has crossed the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge a number of times – it’s pretty creaky!!

Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂

Mrs Peck and Miss Ross



P3 Snow Day Quiz about Bridges

Hi Primary 3,

We hope you are enjoying the snow!

Here is a quiz for you all about bridges – our new topic. See if you can find out the answers. You could post any answers that you get in the comments and we will check back to see if anyone has managed to figure them out.

  1. How long did it take to build the first iron bridge?
  2. What year was the Forth Rail Bridge built?
  3. What funny name is sometimes used for the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
  4. When the Golden Gate Bridge was built, what two world records did it win?
  5. Where is the current longest bridge in the world and how long is it?
  6. Why was the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk built?
  7. Can you find out the name of one of the amazing bridges that Santiago Calatrava built?
  8. Would you walk across the Zhangjiajie Bridge in China? Tell us why / why not!

You don’t have to find out all of the answers. Post any answers that you can.

Have a great day,

Mrs Peck and Miss Ross