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Book Week Scotland

Bit of a catch up going on here but “recently” we were very lucky to be invited down to our East Linton Library as part of Book Week Scotland, where we met Heather and the Team and received our P1 Book Bug goodie bags.

While we were there we learned about the library and how it works as well as getting a few stories read to us and a bit of a sing song!
A lovely day and we hope the first of many visits to our lovely library!
Since then we have shared the stories in class and had discussions surrounding them, as well as listening to the authors read them online. We voted for our favourite and One Button Benny was clear winner across P1.

EARTH HOUR (Sat 24th March 8.30-9.30)P5 Posters

The P5s are encouraging everyone to “switch off” their lights to join in with the  campaign organised by the WWF to draw attention to our environment and the wild life that we share our world with.

They are asking everyone to switch off the lights and have an hour of alternative light. You could….

  • have dinner by candlelight
  • play cards by torchlight

  • play a board game
  • draw/ make something
  • write a poem!
  • the list is endless…..

Our planet is struggling because of  OUR impact.

The Earth is our Home we need to love it and look after it, we can’t “buy” a new one!!!

Look out for some of the fantastic posters in and around the village.

School Meals – Important Information

Is your child eligible for free school meals, and if so, have you registered?
Schools receive additional funding of £1,200 from the Scottish Government for every pupil in P1 to S3 who is registered for free school meals. This is called Pupil Equity Funding, and schools use this additional money to help fund a wide range of initiatives to support achievement and provide the best possible opportunities for children’s learning.
How do I know if my child is eligible for free school meals?
Please visit our website  to check your eligibility and download an application form.
Even if your child does not wish to take up the option of having a free school meal every day, we would encourage you to register so that your child’s school will receive the Pupil Equity Funding allowance to support their learning.

Bread and Butter in P5


As part of their Victorian topic P5 were learning how bread and butter were made. These foods were a big part of the Victorian diet. The poor would eat mainly bread and gruel. These were cheap and easy to make foods, that made you feel full. Only the rich or well off could afford to eat butter.


Emotion Painting

P6 have been busy this week creating emotional paintings.  We have been discussing how art makes us feel and have been looking at the work of Van Gogh, Picasso and Jim Dine.   We talked about the use of colour to create emotion and we listened to some different styles of music such as jazz, classical and popular music to see what emotions these evoked.

We are developing our knowledge of colour theory to help us express our own emotions in our painting.  We have also been learning about how art can be used as therapy.  The works we have created are all unique and reflect our emotions.