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More Egyptians in P3

We are carrying on with our Egyptian project in P3.  We have been busy making masks, fans, mummies and Egyptian sunsets.  We used our maths skills to try to work out any patterns in how the pyramids were built, we used sugar cubes to recreate our own step pyramids to help us.  We have also been learning about the mummification process and have had a go at this in class.  Still lots more to learn about this early civilisation.


Busy times in P3

P3 have had a busy start to the new school year.  We have been brushing up our numeracy skills and developing our number sense by playing games, working in small groups and learning a clap/stamp game for place value.  We have had two visits from the Museum of Flight outreach workshops, one on Leonardo Da Vinci, we were learning about his amazing life as a engineer and developing our STEM skills.  Our second workshop was about Amy Johnson it was brilliant to learn about such an ambitious and brave woman, the first female pilot to fly solo from Britain to Australia.

We have been reading the book The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith and we have been trying to find out a lot about the characters in the story, we used hot seating in drama to help us get a more personal understanding of the characters.

P6 In The Great Outdoors

It’s that time of year when everything is springing into life so P6 took the opportunity of getting outdoors to enjoy it.  We have been tidying up the outdoor courtyard and have planted some seeds.  We are taking care of them daily and recorded any changes we see.  We have also been outdoors with our rugby lessons, over the past three weeks, we have been learning to pass, run with the ball, attack and defend.  We took our maths outdoors too, we have been learning about angles.  We looked at art by Kandinsky in which he uses angles, shapes, parallel and perpendicular lines.  We then went outdoors and made angles using different natural materials and finally we created some artwork in the style of Kandinsky using angles, shapes and lines.

Money Sense workshop RBS P5

P5s along with P6 and P7, had a money  workshop delivered by class teachers and by RBS employee, Mr Mc Connachie.

The message the classes were given, was to be very aware of the importance of keeping your personal details safe at all times.

The workshop gave some common scenarios encountered by all of us that could lead to the possibility of Identity theft. The classes then, had to spot, discuss and record why they thought these situations could lead to problems.


I think everyone involved, staff too! realised how easy it can be to be a victim of fraud and to be careful at all times.

Teddies in P1 for the day

Our topic in P1 is toys so today we all brought a teddy to school for the day.  We spent time this morning introducing our teddy to the class and then we gave them a tour of the school.  The teddies helped out with everything today including handing out work and helping us with our number work, which they were very good at, teddies know some big numbers. Our teddies came with us to music and helped us learn a new teddy bear song.   It was such a beautiful day we couldn’t resist having a teddy bears picnic in the park but by the end of the day we were very tired teddy bears in need of a long rest.  Look at the wonderful reports we have written about the day our teddies came to school.

Maths in P1

P1 have been very busy over the last week learning lots of new maths.  We have been collecting data about our favourite toys and learning different ways to display it, we made a pictograph, we discovered how to use a tally mark to record data andthen used this information to  make bar charts.

We have also been learning about money, we have opened a shop and a bank in class and have been sorting money.

We spent a morning out and about looking for numbers in the environment we could hardly believe how many we found.  There were numbers everywhere telling us lots of different information.  We took lots of photographs and then found out what they all meant.  We then made our own posters with numbers which are important to us.

Wow that’s a lot of maths!!!!


Winter in P1 brrrrrr!

Winter has well and truly arrived in P1 this week.  We have started our mini topic on Winter and this week we had a big focus on snowmen.  We read and watched the DVD of Raymond Briggs The Snowman which left us feeling a bit sad at then end!  We then made some snowmen but with a bit of a difference, we made snowmen from a bird’s eye perspective and spiral snowmen.  We have also been using snowmen to help us with our take away sums, we made snowmen handprints to help us calculate the answers.

We had a visit from a snowman on Wednesday, he took up residence in our water tray.  We spent the day observing him and watching the changes take place before our eyes, he went from a solid to a liquid and then we boiled what was left of him in the kettle to see the steam too!!  We made illustrations of our observations and used some key words to write our science reports on the life cycle of a snowman.  Brrrrrrrilliant work P1!


What’s the time Mr Wolf?

100_4353 100_4354 100_4355 100_4358 100_4359 100_4361 100_4362P1 have been learning about clocks and time this week.  We read the story What’s the time, Mr Wolf?  which is all about Mr Wolf’s busy day from 7 o’clock in the morning till bedtime.  It is Mr Wolf’s birthday but he thinks everyone has forgotten about it but at the end of the story his friends throw him a surprise party.  We made our own clocks and used them to show the times in the book and then we made Mr Wolf some lovely birthday cards.  We have also been learning about analogue and digital clocks and learning how to show the time in both formats.100_4375 100_4377 100_4378