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Lots happening in P1

[nggallery id=89]. P1s have been very busy over the last few days. We are working really hard on our sounds and forming our letters. We have also been learning our numbers up to 5 so far, forming our numbers and making sure our number lines are in the correct order. We have also been learning how to play some maths games. In our topic work we have been learning about our senses. We tried blindfold walking in the playground and discovered how difficult life would be without our sight. We really had to rely on our partners for support. We have also been outdoors learning about 2D shapes, we worked in small groups and used string to make our shapes and then we chalked round them. Lots of great work P1 well done!!

Growing some more in P1/2

[nggallery id=59]We have been busy in P1/2 again today. The P1s are learning about subtraction and the P2s are learning how to partition numbers. We made a human number line today and everyone had to find their right place. In the afternoon we continued our work on our growth topic. Each child decorated their own plant pot and then planted two freesia bulbs in them. We will be looking after them in class so we can observe them as they grow. The children also took home two small peat pots and sunflower seeds today, along with growing instructions. Can you help your child to plant these and then your child can feedback to the class on how their plants are doing, they could perhaps draw any changes they see or take a photo to share in class. Let’s hope we have some sunshine now to help our plants grow.

P1/2 Outdoor maths

[nggallery id=42].
As the weather has been so Spring like P1/2 have taken some of their learning outdoors. Last week we had our spelling lesson outdoors and this week we were outside doing maths. We are learning about addition and subtraction. We worked in small groups and made number snakes in the playground with chalk we then used dice to make our own adding sums checking our answers by jumping along the number snake and then recording our work on whiteboards.

Fantastic legacy for the school

I am delighted to announce that the school has received a very generous donation towards the provision of the new Heinemann Active Maths resource.  This has been gifted by a family in the school in memory of their mother who was a mathematician.  Money has also been given by the Parent Council and we have ordered the resource for Early and First levels of Curriculum for Excellence which will complement Second level which we already have.  This will be in place for the beginning of the new session and all the children in the school will benefit.

Thank you!

New Book for P1

Primary 1 have been busy with ladybird themed activities based on their new book “What the Ladybird Heard” by Julia Donaldson. This is a gift from the Scottish Book Trust. They made crowns and masks, played ladybird maths games and learned new interesting facts on ladybirds.

Did you know  that ladybirds smell with their feet and taste with their antennae? P1 do!

Active money maths and Gruffalo drama in P1/2

P1/2 have had a busy day today. For maths we are learning about money. All the children were playing different money games such as money bingo, money pairs and money matching these games help them to learn to recognise coins and how to use different combinations of coins. The children are also learning to exchange coins to buy things in our class toy shop. All week the children have been doing actitivies related to the story of the Gruffalo, the children made fabulous Gruffalo masks with Mrs Gordon yesterday and we used them in drama activities today.


Primary 7 and Primary 1 have been pairing up again but this time it has been on the laptops. The older children helped the younger children log on, speed up their keyboard skills and further increase their Maths and Numeracy to practise for “The Four Nations Maths Challenge”.

A great time was had by all and yet again, it wasn’t difficult to figure out that….. LEARNING IS FUN!


Shapes everywhere in P2/3

P2/3 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. The children have been busy investigating shapes. They built models with 3D shapes, they created shapes and patterns with elastic bands and discovered which shapes stack, roll and slide. The children have also been on a shape hunt around the classroom and the school looking for 2D and 3D shapes which are around us everyday.