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Complicated Communication in P3 and P4

Continuing with our science theme of communication P3 and P4 had a communication challenge today. They had to use their skills of position, movement and language to help their classmates complete puzzles. Well done everyone as this was a tricky task. We were also learning about sound, vibration and pitch. We all made our own reed instruments from straws and had great fun playing them, feeling the vibrations and listening to the different pitches. P4 even managed a marching band in the playground.

Budding Electrical Engineers

More science week activities.   We got an opportunity to create our own circuits.  We discovered how buzzers work, where wires go and what happens when you use lots of batteries or lamps.  We worked on this for 1 and a half hours.  Science is fun!

K’Nex Challenge

At science club this week (and next week) we are taking part in knex challenges.  We are making ferris wheels, cars that move, windmills, swings and helicopters.  Jasmine and Ailsa (Our DGS S6 students) have also agreed to continue helping run the science club, letters will be sent home soon.  Next week is the last week of this block of science club.

P1/2 Forces Experiment

Cars were travelling too fast down the ramp and were disturbing play in a different area.  We designed ramps and devices to slow the cars down.  We found out about friction.  We discovered that the slope of the ramp makes cars slower or faster so we need to do some more investigations next week.  We love being scientists!

P6 represent school at knex challenge

The 2 P6 boys who won the class competition attended the cluster final at Sandersons Wynd Primary School to compete for a place in the national competition.  The boys designed a windmill with gearing inside.  Although they persevered and worked really hard we were pit at the post.  They were  a credit to the school.  Fantastic Effort!

What P4 have been up to this year!!

Here is a catch up of all we have been doing this year! It has been a fantastic year and we have achieved a lot! We have had lots of fabulous opportunities to show off our many P4 talents and skills.

New Years Resolution for Miss Spinks…… Keep up to date with P4 blog!













I am looking forward to next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From Miss Spinks