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Christmas Fair

It’s been very very busy in P1 with the run up to Christmas… the Nativity, the Fair, the Lunch and next week the Party and Church Service!

But we have even managed to squeeze in creating a few crafts to sell at tomorrow’s fair!

Hopefully everyone now knows the time that your children will be manning our stalls from the stickers yesterday.

We have worked very hard to create some beautiful handmade, bespoke and unique wrapping paper and gift tags!

There will be the individual bundle created by your child for you to buy, these are rolled up and ready to go!
Also there are lots of extras hanging up and on the mug trees for you to peruse and buy too!

Prices are-
£1.50 for the rolled up+ribboned bundle = 2 sheets of wrapping paper and 2 gift tags made by your child
Individual sheets of wrapping paper- 50p each or 3 for £1
Gift tags- 30p each or 4 for £1

** Also not to worry if you cannot make it along tomorrow as we will save your child’s bundle and if you send in the money we will happily send them home for you.**

In the meantime we hope you are enjoying our Nativity!

Pudsey and Poppies

As a whole school we have been thinking about others a lot this term.

We had the Children in Need day where we raised money for children less fortunate than us by dressing up and through the Bake Sale. We all looked fabulous during the Whole School Jog! We learned about what Children in Need is and does in class as well as at a special assembly.

It was also a special Remembrance Sunday this year, as it marked the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Again as a school we came together to learn about this very important event and how we show respect to everyone involved. We made our own poppies and collaboratively created the wreathes to join with the community’s display.

We would also like to say Thank You for the donations for the local foodbank, we know that everything brought in will be very much appreciated

EARTH HOUR (Sat 24th March 8.30-9.30)P5 Posters

The P5s are encouraging everyone to “switch off” their lights to join in with the  campaign organised by the WWF to draw attention to our environment and the wild life that we share our world with.

They are asking everyone to switch off the lights and have an hour of alternative light. You could….

  • have dinner by candlelight
  • play cards by torchlight

  • play a board game
  • draw/ make something
  • write a poem!
  • the list is endless…..

Our planet is struggling because of  OUR impact.

The Earth is our Home we need to love it and look after it, we can’t “buy” a new one!!!

Look out for some of the fantastic posters in and around the village.

P3 Generation Science Workshop

In Primary 3 we had an amazing workshop this morning. It was called “Ella’s wobble” and we had to explore how sounds are made. We went on a journey to investigate different animal sounds, how echoes are made and what the word “pitch” means. At the end of the story we got to make 3 different musical instruments which imitated the noise of different animals, it was super fun!


Firefighter Beth talks about her new role

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe infant classes had a very interesting talk from Beth today. She visited the school to tell the children about how she became a part time firefighter.
Beth explained how you have to be fit and be able to think/read quickly. She talked about the other skills you also have to have to be able to join the fire service. She said that having a very understanding family and very supportive friends was a big part of being able to do the job
Beth told the children all the different jobs firefighters do in addition to fighting fires. She said they even rescued a horse one day!
The children had lots of good questions ranging from, How did she feel on her first call out? to Does she drive the fire appliance?
Every one (teachers too!) thoroughly enjoyed the visit and hope she’ll come back again (to talk!)

Primary 6 visit to Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle

Primary 6 visit Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle on PhotoPeach

We had a wonderful time on Monday visiting Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle. The tour guides were really impressed with our knowledge and it really brought our topic to life by seeing where Mary had lived during different periods of her life. We had a fantastic workshop at the palace where we got to experience objects from Tudor times and think about what they would have been used for. It was a great day and we all enjoyed looking at old Edinburgh while walking up the Royal Mile and imagining what it would have been like during Marys reign.

The May Fair was a huge success!

Our May Fair last Saturday was a huge success!

Ignoring the cold and rainy weather, the great people of East Linton turned up at school in droves to enjoy the stalls, games and food.

Everyone had great fun, and as an added bonus, we raised £1100 for the school!! This is way up on the last few years’ takings – so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us.

We would also like to thank all the Parent Council members, the many non-members, all the staff, and the six P7s who gave up their time to run a stall, help set-up/clear-up or ensure that everything ran smoothly. Special mention goes to Bobby the Janitor who worked tirelessly all day.

Every penny raised goes straight to the school! We will be spending most of this year’s profit on:

  • Junior Road Safety – £120
  • Jolly Phonics for Whiteboard (nursery to P3) – £235
  • Rugby balls and frisbee nets for the playground – £200
  • P7 yearbooks – £250

What did you think of the May Fair? Should this be a permanent fixture in the school calendar or should we try a different fundraising event in the Spring next year? We’d love to hear from you. Please drop us an email at Thanks!