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100_1602100_1603100_1604Sheila Payne of the National Youth Choir visited P3 to teach them some new songs and singing games. We had already learned “Oliver Twist” in class and were delighted to learn some more. The children have letters outlining local classes they can attend FREE OF CHARGE!! Please ask your child every day and if necessary, check their bags for letters. Often letters have to be returned for the next day. Thank you.

The Big Pedal 3 – 14 March

dThe Big Pedal is a giant inter-school cycling and scooting competition that encourages children, teachers and parents to choose two wheels for their school journeys.

This year’s competition will span 10 school days, from 3 to 14 March, and the more children who scoot and cycle each day, the more points the school will earn. Schools right across the UK will be competing against each other, and the competition is weighted according to the size of the school, so everyone has a fair chance to win.

Please encourage your child to cycle or scoot to school as much as possible over the next two weeks.


It’s not too late to protect your child against Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

NHS Lothian is running a catch-up campaign for young people aged 10 to 17 years who have not received two doses of MMR vaccine.


Some young people missed out on the MMR vaccination when they were younger. Two doses of the vaccine are required to ensure protection.

Information has been sent to parents and guardians of children who are 10 to 17 years old whose health records show they may not have completed the full course of MMR vaccination. NHS Lothian is encouraging parents and guardians of these children to contact their General Practice to arrange MMR vaccination for their child. 

To find out more, visit or contact your GP.



As part of Health and Eco Week, pupils have been participating in a whole range of activities including the making and then the eating of delicious fruit kebabs. Yum! Yum!

TUTTI FRUTTI on PhotoPeach


They loved them so much that they danced for joy at our daily whole school “Stop For Dance”, for which the pupils chose their own music, to take a step towards good health!

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to you all – the staff and I hope you have all had a restful and happy holiday and wish you all the very best for 2013 !

Some very important health advice from Parent Council to start off the year !! Please check your child regularly – thank you.

Head lice infection control from the Health Protection Agency. Here is an extract and a link to the website:
Should a child with head lice be kept off school?
• No! The DfEE/DoH guidelines for infection control in schools and nurseries state that there is no need for a child who has head lice to stay away from school.
• One reason for this is that if a child does have lice, he or she will have had them at school for several weeks before diagnosis.
The best way to stop infection is for people to learn how to check their heads for lice.


…..……for attending a press release to promote the excellent art work done by all the P6/7 pupils to try and encourage responsible dog owners in their local area.

As a result of a most enlightening and interesting talk from Community Warden, Jimmy Wilson recently, the P6/7 pupils raised their concerns about dog mess being left in parks and other open spaces where the pupils of East Linton Primary School enjoy playing and having their PE lessons. After further discussion they decided to produce posters which explain why dog owners should pick up after their pet and the health issues associated with dog fouling. Here are just a few examples……



Look out for the eye-catching posters placed on waste bins and other public places around the village and please help us to spread the word! Extra patrols are also being carried out by council wardens and police in the East Linton area to advise dog owners of their responsibilities. Please let us ALL be responsible citizens!

Reporting of dog owners who do not pick up can be done online