Meet our House Captains and Vice Captains!

Meet 2021/2022’s House and Vice Captains:
House Captain: Sandy 
Vice Captains: Peter and Bau
House Captain: Spence
Vice Captain: Sarah
House Captain: Noah
Vice Captain: Eve
House Captain: Mhairi
Vice Captain: Lawrie
At ELPS our House and Vice Captains wrote and presented persuasive speeches at a whole school virtual assembly. After this, each pupil was given the chance to vote of the Captain and Vice Captain of their house.
The duties of our House and Vice Captains are:
  • Meet regularly with the Head Teacher to discuss important school decisions.
  • Organise fundraising and charitable activities in the school.
  • Listen to other learner in their house and take back questions and suggestions to the Head Teacher.
  • Support their house on Sport’s Day.