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Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils took part in an excellent, most thought provoking workshp this morning, all about ROAD SAFETY. Drama is one of the most powerful ways to communicate in order to express visions and ideas and help people to visualise important scenarios and events.




Baldy Bane Theatre Company use drama to stimulate and communicate important messages, motivate and inspire young people. When used in an educational context, drama can reach young people at a deeper level and for longer……. and this is exactly what they did today! A long and lasting message was definitely left to further extend their life skills and encourage our pupils to THINK SAFE and BE SAFE……. now and in the future.




We are always very eager to encourage our children to be confident individuals and this has been very much proved this year already, by pupil committee representatives presenting information to parents, other committees and members of the public, both at meetings in School AND in the Community…… AND out of school hours!


Our Fairtrade reps addressed a packed hall at a Co-op Members Evening, held in the Village, by showing them an excellent powerpoint presentation they had specially created, to tell everybody what we have done so far here, at East Linton Primary School, to raise awareness about Fairtrade. They were given a great reception by business managers, invited guests and other members of the community.



Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) most professionally addressed The Parent Council on Tuesday night. With the ongoing help of Zoe McCarthy (thank you, Zoe!), the boys have been continuing to plan activities to encourage Road Safety etc. throughout the School and requested financial help to promote this (and, as usual, The Parent Council was very generous……. thank you!)

Well done and congratulations boys! You were a credit to the School!



The JRSO reps have been asked by the Parent Council to encourage health and safety in our School playground by asking people NOT to cycle or scoot within the grounds. Although we, as a School, encourage our pupils to be healthy by walking or riding bicycles or scooters to school (especially just now due to The Big Pedal), we really do need to be aware of safety at all times. There have been a few near misses already and the last thing we want is for people to get hurt in a place they should be safe and feel safe. PLEASE HELP MAKE THIS A CHILD SAFE ZONE.

So….. look out for this poster we have made which we shall be introducing at assembly tomorrow morning and then putting on display for all to see.


“The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all actions concerning children” (Article 3)



for joining our enthusiastic JRSO team!

 Zoe has very kindly offered to support and help our JRSO reps in the excellent work they do here in East Linton Primary.

In order to keep our pupils safe, Zoe and a JRSO went round the village to put up safety posters today. Thank you to the janitor too!