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Bake House Visit

All the pre-school children enjoyed a visit to the local bake house. We looked at different types of bread and rolls. There were also scones, pies, sausaure rolls and our favourites CAKES! We bought fresh brown and white bloomers for our home made soup and baguettes to make garlic bread.

On our travels we also noticed that the trees were changing to their Autumn colours.

On your marks, Get set, GET HEALTHY!!!

Next week is HEALTH WEEK!

We have some fantastic things planned, including the Healthy Cafe mentionned below by Miss Lawson.

Our focus is being healthy INSIDE AND OUT. So we are not just thinking about physical activity, but also eating well, relaxing and using our minds for creative and mental challenges.

Parents are invited to join in EARLY MORNING AEROBICS at 8.45am each morning. So pop on your trainers and come jump up and down to some good music.

Also if any parents wish to come on our WHOLE SCHOOL WALK, please give your name to your child’s teacher or to Audrey.

Thank you

Miss Fleming

P.S Keep an eye out for photos from our week being posted!


Apple Crumble

Mmm... tasty!!Kay Henderson kindly brought in apples from her garden. We made apple crumble for snack with the help of Matthew and Jamie.  Firstly we chopped the apples, then we made the crumble topping.   Lots of us really enjoyed it. It was delicious.

Welcome back

Mrs Gilmour and Theresa are delighted to welcome back all the familiar faces from last year. We think they are all glad to be back! We have also been welcoming our new children, who have settled in very quickly and are learning all about Nursery life. Everyone has been very busy.
Dottie and Goldie the Nursery goldfish, have also returned from their holidays. They went to sunny Tyninghame for 7 weeks, they came back ready to meet our new children and are glad to be back in Nursery.

Nursery visit our new wildlife garden

dscf4081.JPGBoys and girls from our Nursery class have been out and about in the school grounds having a look at the work on the wildlife garden. We checked the plan and watched it come to life. We especially enjoyed watching the helpers build the stone wall. We learned it was four meters long. It is great fun watching our new garden grow and we are looking forward to getting in there!

Marie Curie Pots of Care in the Nursery

Our daffodils have been sent home in beautiful pots decorated by the children. Please give as much as you can for this worthwhile cause by putting some money in the envelope and returning it back to nursery. Thank you in anticipation that we raise a great amount for this. We will let you know how much on our whiteboard outside the nursery and on this blog. Have a Happy Easter!

We are delighted to share with everyone our good news. We raised an amazing £144.51 for this very important cause. A cheque has now been sent to The Marie Curie Foundation. A huge thanks to all who sent in money.

Feeding the birds

 We are feeding the birds outside. We have a bird table on our veranda so we can put out all sorts of lovely ‘goodies’ for the birds to eat. We are going to keep any left over snack we think the birds might like.  We have got a recipe to make bird cake which we hope the birds will find tasty too. The recipe will be available to take home, copies of this will be on the wall in the cloakroom. It is a great way to help our feathered friends and a good way to use up any left overs. So far we have had a visit from the starlings, seagulls and crows. We would love to see a robin so here’s hoping!