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P5 Outdoor Art!

To commemorate the centenary of the death of Robert Noble, P5 had the opportunity to create artwork for the school.

We looked at some of Robert Nobel’s paintings of East Linton in assembly on Friday and discussed his love of the river and colour.

We split into four groups – each looking at a different aspect of the River Tyne – and made four large pieces of art. One focused on colour, another on the water, another on trees and the last on the leaves.

We studied the area, drew and coloured on paper, brought all of our ideas and perceptions together, then worked brilliantly in groups to make everything come to life!

A special thanks and Carol, Fiona and Zoe who made it all happen!

Here are some photos of the class researching the environment, taking sketches and making compositions!

What a great way to celebrate the work of Robert Nobel, well done P5!


Garden Show in P1

It has been a busy few days in P1 getting ourselves organised for our garden show.  We have been carefully writing invitations to all the other classes in school and to our parents.  We then spent time getting our classroom ready for our visitors, we made paper chains to decorate the room.  We made butterflies and flowers to create display areas.  Finally we changed the layout of our room and put our miniature gardens in place ready for our show.

It was an incredibly busy day all the classes visited in the morning and then our parents and grandparents arrived in the afternoon.  We had an amazing day with lots of lovely compliments and smiley faces on all our guests.  We had great feedback from P7 and lovely thank you letters from P2.

Some comments from P7 pupils:

“very creative” – Marco

“all individual” – Martha

“all the gardens have a story behind them” – Oliver

We are so proud of our amazing work on our gardens and have really enjoyed organising the event and sharing our learning with the rest of the school and our friends and family.

Horticulture in P1


P1 have been very busy working on their growth and change topic.  Today we were learning about the life cycle of a seed.  We learnt the sequence for planting a seed and then we went outdoors to plant our own seeds.  We will be taking care of them in class, we know they will need light and water to help them grow.  We also have some guests in class at the moment we have some caterpillars and some ladybird larvae.  We have been observing them and making detailed notes and drawings  of them in our journals.  We shall be observing them over the next few weeks to see what changes occur.  Keir brought in a carrot which he had grown at home for his show and tell this week, we were very impressed.

P3s visit to Smeaton

Despite the weather, P3 had a “best day ever” in the woods lead by Sam the East Lothian ranger and Mrs Gilmour. Sam showed the children how to make maps outdoors. Their challenge was to make a map of their journey to Smeaton from school using natural materials. Some brilliant designs!
Mrs Gilmour played Bat and Moth a listening game, then Claire and Wendy hid colourful woolly caterpillars for the children to find. Some were very hard to find as they were camouflaged just like real caterpillars.
We came back to school early as everyone was SOAKING! weDSCF0103DSCF0108DSCF0117DSCF0119DSCF0126DSCF0130 got our wet clothes off and got warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows, Delicious!!
We’re off again next Tues 12th so here’s hoping the sun shines!!

Growth and change in P1

SAM_0315 SAM_0316 SAM_0317 SAM_0319 SAM_0320 SAM_0322 SAM_0323Our topic this term is growth and change and we are seeing lots of evidence of this in class.  We are growing potatoes, bean plants and mushrooms at the moment.  We have been finding out what plants really need by growing them in different conditions, we have tried growing without soil, light and water.  We have also been taking great care of our caterpillars and tadpoles, we know have some butterflies to release.  We have also been carrying out experiments to find out exactly how plants drink.  The children have been writing up their experiments and keeping detailed observations of all the changes that are happening.

Lots happening in P1

SAM_0079 SAM_0080 SAM_0081 SAM_0082 SAM_0083 SAM_0084 SAM_0085 SAM_0086 SAM_0087 SAM_0088 SAM_0089 SAM_0090 SAM_0091 SAM_0092 SAM_0093 SAM_0094 SAM_0095 SAM_0096 SAM_0097 SAM_0098 SAM_0099 SAM_0100 SAM_0101 SAM_0102 SAM_0103 SAM_0104 SAM_0105 SAM_0106 SAM_0107 SAM_0108 SAM_0109 SAM_0110 SAM_0111 SAM_0112 SAM_0113 SAM_0114 SAM_0117 SAM_0118 SAM_0119 SAM_0120 SAM_0121 SAM_0122 SAM_0123 SAM_0124 SAM_0125 SAM_0126 SAM_0127 SAM_0128 SAM_0129 SAM_0130 SAM_0131 SAM_0132 SAM_0133It has been a busy few weeks in P1.  We have been focusing on our addition number stories in maths and we are all getting so good at them.  We have been outdoors with our maths and working in small groups in class.  We have also been learning about money and have set up a class shop.  Our topic this term is toys. We read the story Kipper’s Toy Box and met the character “sock thing”.  We all made our own sock puppets just like “sock thing”  each with their own unique name and character.  It was a rather messy task but thanks to the extra help from Claire and Maia’s gran we all managed.  They look wonderful!!  We have also spent some time outdoors reading with our P7 buddies.


P7 pupils eagerly entered a “My Place Photography” Competition earlier this term and now…… our Primary 7 photograph entries are displayed in the                 Competition Gallery of The Scottish Civic Trust!

The Scottish Civic Trust’s My Place Photography Competition is a heritage photographic competition for young people of school age in Scotland.

It is aimed at encouraging young people to explore their environments in a creative way using photography as means of investigation and creative expression.

The My Place Photography Competition forms part of Scotland’s contribution to the International Heritage Photographic Experience supported by the Council of Europe    as part of Our Common Heritage initiative.

                                                                                                                                            All entries to the competition will be exhibited at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture for six weeks in 2014.

The project is supported by Historic Scotland.

Here is the link to find their wonderful images…… Enjoy!

Well done to all my budding photographers in Primary 7!


Literacy week starts in P1 and P2

a warm welcome from Carol at the library
Carol read us three brilliant stories.
Lots of signs that Spring is on its way.

P1 and P2 visited the library today as part of our literacy week.  Carol made us very welcome and read three brilliant stories, the last one made us all laugh it was so rude!!!! It was such a beautiful bright sunny day so on the way back to school we walked round the park looking for signs of Spring.

The Big Pedal 3 – 14 March

dThe Big Pedal is a giant inter-school cycling and scooting competition that encourages children, teachers and parents to choose two wheels for their school journeys.

This year’s competition will span 10 school days, from 3 to 14 March, and the more children who scoot and cycle each day, the more points the school will earn. Schools right across the UK will be competing against each other, and the competition is weighted according to the size of the school, so everyone has a fair chance to win.

Please encourage your child to cycle or scoot to school as much as possible over the next two weeks.