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What a fantastic time P6 and P7 had at their six team hockey tournament this afternoon in the glorious sunshine! They had a great chance to use their skills which Mrs. Jones our PE teacher has been teaching them over the past few weeks and what expertise there was! Although…… during play there was a pitch invasion by …..the ROMANS from P3/4!! This just goes to show what wonderful surprises always await our pupils at East Linton Primary School!

P1/2 feeding the birds.

P1/2 have been continuing their learning about the seasons. Last week we were learning about birds which migrate and this week we were making bird feeders for the birds which stay here during the Autumn and Winter. We made the feeders from pine cones which we coated in lard and dipped in bird seed. We then hung the feeders in the trees around the school grounds. Hopefully this will help to keep the birds well fed over the Winter months.

Happy Campers in P4

It was a long wait until P4 camp but it was worth it. What a brilliant time we all had. We had fantastic weather, fabulous food and fun filled activities. On day one we had a full day in the woods with blind folded walks, hanging about in hammocks and a long nature walk. We had fun in the park in the evening after tea and then off to bed. Day two was spent at Seafield pond with a variety of activities which included canoeing, kite making, nature art and constructing a teepee. We had a pyjama ceilidh/disco in the evening before a long needed nights sleep. It was a great few days with the children gaining experience and skills in team work, creative and imaginative thinking, problem solving, risk assessing and confidence building. On top of all this learning we even managed to have a lot of FUN!!!!!

Thanks to the snow workers

A big thank you to everyone who turned out on Sunday morning to help with clearing snow from around the school. A special thank you to Tommy Tait and his digger who came and made very light work of shifting a huge volume of snow. The council have also been working to clear the path from Longstone Ave to school.
We are planning to open as normal tomorrow morning. Please try to walk rather than driving your children to school. Please also make sure that children are suitably dressed for the weather with warm, waterproof clothing and boots or wellies. We are hoping to get outside for part of the day so please bring a hat, gloves and a scarf as well as a change of clothes in your school bag.