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School Improvement Plan 2020-2021

ELPS SIP 2021 Sep

Initially our top priority is happy and settled children – and the children have done themselves proud returning to school with really positive attitudes and ready to learn after being away for so long.

This year our school improvement plan has a strong focus on Literacy as a key area we wish to review and improve. There are also other areas of school development that we have carried on from last year.

If you believe you can help support any area of development in any way , please so get in touch !

Saying goodbye to our butterflies

[nggallery id=68]We have had great success with our butterflies. 9 out of the 10 cocoons hatched to release beautiful painted lady butterflies. We have been looking after them in class and observing them as they begin the use their wings to flutter around their habitat. It was such a beautiful sunny day yesterday we decided to release them outside. Some children were lucky enough to hold them before they flew off. We are also having success with our potatoes, herbs, mushrooms, outdoor planters and our classroom bulbs are beginning to grow.

Growing some more in P1/2

[nggallery id=59]We have been busy in P1/2 again today. The P1s are learning about subtraction and the P2s are learning how to partition numbers. We made a human number line today and everyone had to find their right place. In the afternoon we continued our work on our growth topic. Each child decorated their own plant pot and then planted two freesia bulbs in them. We will be looking after them in class so we can observe them as they grow. The children also took home two small peat pots and sunflower seeds today, along with growing instructions. Can you help your child to plant these and then your child can feedback to the class on how their plants are doing, they could perhaps draw any changes they see or take a photo to share in class. Let’s hope we have some sunshine now to help our plants grow.

More growing in P1/2

[nggallery id=56]Another busy afternoon in P1/2 today. Audrey very kindly gave us some plants from her garden to help with our topic work. We spent the afternoon in the sunshine digging out the weeds from some of the planters in the back playground, topping them up with fresh compost and then planting Audrey’s beautiful plants. It was hard, messy work but we think the planters look beautiful now and we hope with some tender loving care the plants will grow.