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Growth in P1/2

We have a very lively classroom at the moment in P1/2 with lots of things growing and changing. We have some tadpoles which we have been observing and recording the changes we see. We also have caterpillars which just arrived and are already growing at a very fast rate. We planted potatoes two weeks ago and kept one in a bottle in the classroom so we can see how the plant grows. We have some herbs in the classroom and we will be growing mushrooms and our own flowers soon. We also had a visit on Friday from Mac – Connor McCarthy’s dog, he was so relaxed and enjoyed seeing all the children.

Cheers Charles in P1/2

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A sad day in P1/2 today as Charles is leaving to go to a new school. We shall all miss him. We had a lovely morning celebrating all his achievements over the last few months, along with some cakes and juice and a dance. Here are some pictures of all the learning Charles has been doing since coming to East Linton and a few of his last day. Good luck and keep in touch.

Sunflowers in P1/2

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We were learning about Vincent van Gogh today. We read the story of Katie and the Sunflowers and looked at some paintings by van Gogh and discussed the way he painted and how it made us feel. We then all made a sunflower using our hands as templates for the flowers and sunflower seeds for the florets. We displayed them together to recreate our own version of van Gogh’s Sunflowers. It looks so colourful and cheerful.

Linton spends a week with P1/2

[nggallery id=52] P1/2 had a visit from Linton the school dog this week. He spent a day at each table and the children involved him in all the new things they have been learning. He was dressed as a pirate and became part of the P1/2 pirate crew. He joined in with our reading and writing. He helped Queen Tamsin with her adding sums so she could keep her maths crown. He helped to plant potatoes, he played the piano at music and learned how to scissor jump at P.E. No wonder he was exhausted at the end of the week and had to have a sleep in a lovely bed Ava made for him. He is off to P1 next week can’t wait to see what he gets up to there!!!

Pirate assembly for P1/2

[nggallery id=50].On Friday morning the P1/2 pirate crew presented their assembly to the whole school. All the children looked fantasic in their pirate costumes and they gave a fabulous performance. We shared all our learning about pirates, including some interesting facts, pirate words, a short play and some songs and jokes. Well done everyone you were all brilliant at using your big voices and remembering your lines.

Another very busy day in P1/2

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P1/2 took part in the whole school cross country this morning, we had to use the hall due to the poor weather conditions outside. The children were awarded a point for their school house for each lap they completed. It was a very energetic start to the day. We have been learning about position and direction in our maths work, we tried programming a route into the Beebots to get them to move to specific numbers on our number mats. We had an afternoon of science. We started with fizz pop rockets. We used small film canisters, water and Alka Seltzer tablets to make our rockets work. We discovered that some were not successful because the gas could escape if the lid was not closed firmly. The children loved when the rockets made a bang and flew up in the air. We also made gliders out of a straw and two pieces of card. We discovered that the rockets flew better with one small ring of card and one larger one this gave the glider the best air resistance. We flew them in the school hall and found that they were very successful at flying quite long distances.

Messy Science in P1/2

We had an afternoon of very messy science in P1/2 today. Messy but great fun!!! We made a non Newtonian fluid (that’s cornflour, food colouring and water) and examined the properties of it. When you apply pressure it acts like a solid and when you don’t it acts like a liquid – amazing stuff!! We then make our own silly putty, we had to work hard to make all the ingredients bind together. Tamsin had worked on a science experiment at home making sugar crystals, she brought it in and shared her learning with the class.

Busy Busy Busy in P1/2

[nggallery id=48].We have had a very busy week in P1/2. On Monday we had a visit from The Catherine Wheels Theatre Company who performed their play Stuck. It was a thrilling and physically dynamic show performed in a boat in the middle of the school hall, the children were amazed at how the school hall was transformed into the ocean with all the sealife around them. On Wednesday we had the opportunity to do some den building in the playground. We worked with our P5/6 buddies in small groups and had lots of different materials to make anything we wished. We had some fantastic structures and great fun. The children want to do this again soon!!! On Friday we had a visit the Science Festival at Dunbar we seen a bubble show and learnt a lot about solids, liquids and gases. Also on Friday we had Red Nose Day everyone looked great in their red outfits and we raised a lot of cash for good causes by buying red noses and lovely cakes.