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Pantomime time!


Nursery to Primary 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the Hopscotch Theatre and were treated to a  performance of Puss in Boots.

“I liked her long tail and the way she caught the mice”, said Anna about the Puss character.

“It was Mick being the lady!” said Elli about the Dame.

“He was a bit scary….”, said Morven about the ogre.

” I liked the boy’s kilt,” said William.  ” I liked the King’s fat belly,” said Ashley.

P1/2 Forces Experiment

Cars were travelling too fast down the ramp and were disturbing play in a different area.  We designed ramps and devices to slow the cars down.  We found out about friction.  We discovered that the slope of the ramp makes cars slower or faster so we need to do some more investigations next week.  We love being scientists!

Making Play Dough

We made our own playdough.  We followed the receipe, measured the ingredients and cooked it.  We all had  a job to do.  We noticed that the playdough was very runny but once it was cooked it clumped together in a

 big ball in the pot.  The yellow group wanted to use a blue colour too, it made our dough green!  We can’t wait to use the dough in class.