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P5 John Muir Award – Explore

Primary 5 have been very busy over the last week, working towards our John Muir award. On Thursday we went out to explore different areas in our local community with Sam the Ranger. We had a great experience and the weather was perfect.

We learned lots of new information and skills like how to measure a tree and what different types of trees look like. We also learned that litter is a major issue in the field next to our school. At the river, we looked for living creatures using nets. We loved it and we learned how to be really safe.

Our next trip out will be to conserve the park and field area and the area at the river.

Please do let us know what you think of our learning as it will help us to achieve our award.

Thanks for reading,

P5 and Miss McKay

Primary 5 Cooperative Learning

Primary 5 loved making their new Home Teams today. They worked well together to create their Home Team shields and fantastic new Home Team names.

The children had to share a sentence and a hashtag to share their thoughts about their experience. Below are a few examples…

It was good working together. #fun

We worked really well together. #awesome

I think we did a great job but at the start we could think more about how we are using our time. #great

We hope you have enjoyed sharing our learning.  Miss McKay

P4 go to the polls!


Primary 4 had their own election today. The children were split into parties and had to convince the rest of the class that they should run the country! Provisional polls have revealed a win for SNP but with a surprisingly good result for the Conservatives. The ballots will be counted tonight and final results revealed at the end of the day.

Update – A surprise victory for the Labour Party, although without a majority so they may need to form a coalition with the SNP or Green Party!

Lots of money in P4/5!

This week we have been learning about money. We made money posters and some people brought in different money from different countries. We went onto the ASDA and Sainsbury’s websites to pretend to do some grocery shopping and see which one was cheaper.

We have been writing things for our rainforest topic. We have been pretending that we are from rainforest tribes and we are doing diary entries. We have been comparing our days with a tribe member’s day. They don’t buy their food from a supermarket, they have to go and catch it. They have parties in the evenings.

We have been learning about the water cycle. We made collages and played a water cycle game. We learnt about evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Evaporation is when the water turns into a gas and rises up. Condensation is when it cools down and turns back to a liquid. It comes back down as precipitation. Precipitation is a fancy word for rain, sleet or snow!

From P4/5

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Busy week in P4/5

On Thursday we had a sport-tastic day and it was really fun. We had different stations for example running, sack race and obstacle race and we went round them all. The parents came and we would like to say thanks to the people who came to help and watch.

We learnt about yanos which are big houses which some tribes live in. They are very big and have holes in the roof so they look like donuts from above. We enjoyed learning about yanos. Some of the similarities between the yano and our house is that we both have a roof over our heads and somewhere to sleep and cook. The yanomami tribe have rainforest animals for pets. We pretended we were on holiday in a yano and wrote postcards back to the UK.

In maths we talked about probability. There are lots of useful words like likely, unlikely, certain, impossible and poor chance. We wrote different sentences on post it notes – two likely, two unlikely, two certain and two impossible. Then we went with another pair and put them in order.

We have also been finishing our rainforest instruments and won some medals in the gala day activities.  

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World of Work Event

The children in P4/5, P5/6 and P6/7 enjoyed a fantastic trip to the library yesterday where they learnt all about different jobs that people do. They heard from a police officer, two fire fighters, a nurse, a librarian and a paramedic and earlier in the week also had a really interesting visit from a vet. It was great to have the opportunity to find out what people do in their jobs and it has prompted lots of discussion.

A huge thank you to the library for organising this event and to all the people who kindly gave up their time to come and talk to us or to help walk the children down to the library.

Here are some pictures of our day.

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Linton in P4/5

The school dog Linton has been in P4/5 this week. Here are some of the things that he has been doing.

Linton wanted to be fit and healthy so he came on a walk round the park with us at the end of Health and Eco Week. On Monday he came with P5 to the John Muir Birthplace. He learnt lots about John Muir.

Linton has been learning about different tables and tallies with us in maths. He helped us to sort using tree charts and Venn diagrams.

Linton learnt how to follow instructions properly. He made an origami shrimp and a rainforest instrument. He liked our recycled paper and helped write instructions about how to make it.

Linton helped us make our rainforest fact files. He learnt lots with us about the rainforest. He helped us with our rainforest animal decoration. He used complementary colours to make them nice and bright.

By Naomi, Sophie and Lorel

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Birthplace Visit

The children in Primary 5 had a great trip to the John Muir Birthplace today. We learnt lots of new things about John Muir and found out all the different ways of finding information in a museum. We were surprised that John Muir could read when he was three and that he died on Christmas Eve. John Muir did lots to look after nature and it was fun to find out about his life. We liked the chair that makes different noises!

Primary 4/5 are looking after the school dog Linton this week so he got to come too! He was very well behaved.

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Health and Eco Week in P4/5

This week P4/5 have been up to a lot. It has been health and eco week. For health the P5s have had a chance to do some basketball and while the P5s did that the P4s cut up lots of newspaper and cardboard to make their own paper. We all made the paper on Thursday.

On Monday the whole class got to do some disc golf we all really enjoyed it. In maths P4/5 have been learning all the angles and compass points. We all learnt a song to remember the names of all the angles.

Our topic is the rainforest so we have been learning a lot about it. We have been doing some things on saving the rainforest and how people are destroying it so we have been writing a letter to a big company who cut down the rainforests to grow palm oil. P4/5 wrote letters saying how bad it was to cut down rainforest with reasons saying why.

The whole school including p4/5 are dancing at 2.00 every day to keep healthy. On Wednesday the whole school had an hour without any power, this is called no power hour. Also on Wednesday the whole class got to make fruit kebabs and we all got a shot of chopping up the fruit.

On Friday we are having a trashion show which means you have to make a piece of clothing made out of trash.

Blog post by Naomi

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P4 Outdoor Day

The children in Primary 4 enjoyed a fantastic trip to the woods with Bill from Outdoor Education yesterday.

It was a lovely sunny day and we all really enjoyed being outside for the day. We walked to the forest from the car park and played some games on the way. When we got there we all worked together to put up a huge teepee then went on a scavenger hunt and made pictures of ourselves with everything that we found. Then we did a night line in the forest and had to help each other to move around safely. After lunch we worked together to put up hammocks and had a fantastic time in them!

We really enjoyed our outdoor day and hope that we can go again some time. Here are some photos.

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