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Busy in P1

P1 have been having a very busy time over the last few weeks. We had lots of fun working with Mr Watson and all wish him lots of luck when he moves on to his next school.

In maths we have been working on our numbers and practicing sharing out objects into equal groups. We have also been looking at 2D and 3D shapes with Mr Watson.

We have been working really hard on our reading and have read lots of different books. We are now busy learning our digraph sounds and practicing writing words and sentences ourselves.

There are lots of exciting things going on at school at the moment. It is Book Week and we had a trip to the library on Monday then spent some time during the week getting to know the stories from our book bags. Today we voted for our favorites and were very excited to get to take our book bags home with us.

We have also been working hard on our nativity play for next week. We have had lots of songs to learn and are doing really well at remembering where to move and what to say. On Thursday we tried on all our costumes ready for the dress rehearsal and performance next Wednesday.

Here are some photos of us over the last few weeks.

Happy holidays from P1

P1 have had a busy last week of term. We’re all looking forward to the holidays then coming back to share what we’ve been up to.

This week we were talking about the changing seasons and some of the children remembered that you don’t get many flowers in autumn and winter. We decided to make some flower pictures to hang on the wall to remind us of summer. We used collage for our vases then drew our flowers carefully trying to use different types of line in the middle of each flower. We coloured them in bright colours and they’re looking really great on the wall.

We also had a fantastic workshop from the kind people at the museum of flight. We had lots of fun following Sophie on a journey to the other side of the world in a biplane and even all got to make our own model biplanes to take home.

We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. Here are some photographs of our week.

Lots of learning in P1

P1 have been keeping busy over the last couple of weeks.

We have been continuing to go through our letter sounds and practice writing our letters in different ways. We have also been building words on our word snakes and practicing blending sounds together to make words. We are enjoying working in our reading groups and have shared different stories and fact books.

In maths we have been practicing adding together two collections of objects and we have been enjoying playing different games with a partner. Miss Reeves is very impressed by how well we are working together.

We have enjoyed meeting our music and PE specialists and had lots of fun singing songs and balancing in different ways in the gym hall. Last week we learnt about how our tongues help us to taste and tried different foods that were sweet, sour, savoury, bitter and salty. Not many of us enjoyed the sour lemon! This week we had fun painting with different things to try and create different textures.

Here are some photos of us busy at work.

A busy time in P1

The children in P1 have been having a very busy time.

We have been working hard on our letter sounds and have started to practice using them to build and read words. We have enjoyed learning some rhymes to help us to remember how to write our letters correctly and have practiced writing them in lots of different ways.

In maths we have been working with our maths racks and tens frames and have been exploring different ways of making the numbers to 10. We have also been counting forwards and backwards starting from different numbers, practicing giving the number before or after a particular number and finding hidden numbers on a number line. We have been playing different games in small groups and in pairs.

We have been enjoying our senses topic and have done lots of different activities and produced some fantastic artwork. Today we tried to recognise things using just our sense of smell. We also looked at lots of animal noses and compared them to ours. Some of them were very strange indeed!

We enjoyed meeting our music teacher Mrs Mailer and our PE teacher Miss Gordon this week. We listened really well and had lots of fun trying out different activities.

Here are some photos of the last couple of weeks.

A busy time in P1

P1 have been having a very busy time over the last couple of weeks.

In maths we have been learning about measuring and have had lots of fun using different things to measure objects and distances in the classroom and outside with our P7 buddies. We have also been talking about what time of day we do different things and practiced reading and making ‘o’clock’ times.  We are still working hard on our number bonds and our addition and subtractions skills.

We had lots of fun during reading week and enjoyed taking part in a library visit, a book scavenger hunt in the playground and our ‘drop everything and read’ event on Thursday. We also listened to lots of stories, some of them read by parents and carers, and enjoyed getting dressed up as a character from a book on Friday morning.

On Shrove Tuesday Alessandra’s mum came in and helped us to make delicious pancakes. We also made butter and enjoyed eating it with some tasty crackers. The following week she came back and brought one of the new lambs from her farm with her! We were all very excited to meet Lily and she was very well behaved.

We have been learning about forces and had lots of fun experimenting with toy cars on ramps and doing some ‘gravity painting’ using trays and marbles. Our painting activity was a great way to learn about colour mixing too!

Here are some photos of what we have been getting up to.


Busy times in P1

Everyone in P1 has been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

We have been making great progress on our phonics and common words and have enjoyed taking part in word treasure hunts around the classroom and working in pairs to sort out some very jumbled up sentences. We have also started on our Big Writing lessons and have had fun learning some Kung Fu Punctuation moves and finishing off sentences using connectives.

We have been working really hard on our writing skills and have written some great instructions. We also read ‘The Yoga Ogre’ as part of our health topic and decided to draw some ogres of our own then write short descriptions.

In maths we have been playing different games to help us to learn about subtraction. In PE we have been talking lots about balance and have been practicing balancing on the floor, balancing as we move along and over apparatus and balancing objects in different ways. We’ve also been enjoying doing some yoga in classroom.

We have been continuing with our health topic and have been talking lots about our feelings, what makes us special and what we value in other people. Today we started to talk about similarities and differences and tried to find ways in which pairs of objects were the same and different. Tomorrow we’re going to try the same thing with people.



Back busy in P1

P1 have had a busy start to the term. Miss Reeves is very impressed by how well we’ve remembered everything over the holidays.

In maths we have been learning about symmetry and had lots of fun making symmetrical butterflies and experimenting with how we can use a mirror to check if a picture is symmetrical. We made some very funny pictures while we were trying! We have also been talking about repeating patterns and made our own patterns using Lego bricks, cubes, beads and sticky shapes. We have learnt that numbers can follow patterns too and have been starting to explore some of these.

We have started on our new health topic and have been talking about what makes us feel different emotions and how we can make our classroom and playground happy places for everyone to be. Today we talked about hand washing and did an experiment with some glitter to show how germs on our hands can be spread around . We all looked very sparkly by the end!

We had a good time watching a performance of ‘Aladdin’ earlier this week and today in assembly a man came to talk to us about his adventures training to climb Mount Everest. He wanted us know to that we should believe in ourselves, work hard to achieve our goals and look after our friends.

Here are some photographs of our week…


P1 working hard

All the children in P1 have been working very hard over the last couple of weeks.

Last week was Scottish Book Week and on Monday afternoon we enjoyed an exciting trip to the library. During the week we read and discussed the three books from our Family Packs and voted for our favourites. We were very excited to be able to take our own set of books home on Friday.

In our phonics lessons we have been continuing to learn new digraph sounds and enjoyed playing different games to practice building and blending words. Last week (Scottish Book Week) we wrote reports explaining what we like about reading and this week we wrote some lovely winter poems. In maths we have been doing lots of counting and learning ways of writing down our sums.

On Wednesday our P7 buddies came to help us with an art activity. Some of the P7s are helping to organise the school Christmas Fair and had planned a fantastic bauble painting session for us. We had to paint our hands white and press them very carefully onto the baubles. The print that was left behind looked just like a row of snowmen and we enjoyed carefully drawing on eyes, buttons, noses and scarves. We’re looking forward to helping to sell them on our stall.

Today we took part in the school maths open morning and played lots of different maths games. Thank you to our fantastic P7 helpers and to the parents who came in to see what we were up to.

We have been very busy practicing our nativity play and are doing a really good job of remember what to do. We are really looking forward to showing it to the rest of the school and our parents next week.