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Midweek and the science is still going strong!!!!

Another great day of science at East Linton.  We had a lot of visitors today doing all sorts of activities.  Mr Davidson visited P2/3 to investigate bacteria and will be returning on Friday to share the results.  Rebecca Devon worked with P4/5 looking at DNA using a kiwi!  Beth Vokura visited P3/4, P6 and P7 talking about esoteric theoretical physics and shared her career experiences.  Anne Gibson from Dunbar Grammar had a flying time with P3/4 making helicopters and parachutes.  In the afternoon P1, 2 and 3 had a fabulous science show from Generation Science all about night and day.  P4, 5, 6 and 7 had a visit from students at Edinburgh Uni.  A great big thank you to everyone for their help and support today.  P1/2 also went star gazing today and were learning about constellations using a laser star projector.  They also made some PVA putty and were amazed by the rainbow of light they could see using diffraction glasses.  The science theme continues tomorrow when Sam the ranger will be working with the children in the nursery, P1, P1/2 and P2/3.


Science week begins …..

East Linton Science Week got off to a great start today.  We had a fabulous range of different science activities going on in school.  P1 and P1/2 were involved in a selection of hands on science activities which included blowing up a volcano, digging up a dinosaur and making their own fossil.  P6 and P7 were involved in solving the crime of the century, the theft of the Olympic flame!!!  Using clues  left behind they had to analyse the evidence to find the culprit. P4/5 had an expert visitor who talked about how animals move and answered all their questions.  P2/3 were finding out about DNA using a kiwi,  they also designed  their own cars using plastic bottles and tested them on the skateboard ramps and then made some silly putty.  Thank you to everyone who came to school to  help us today – it was a busy but fantastic start to science week.

Science Week at East Linton 12 – 16 March 2012

Well it’ s here at last, Science week at East Linton takes place between Monday 12th March – Friday 16th March.  We have a fantastic line up of events this year including our very own CSI East Linton.  We also have DNA workshops, mini beast hunts, fossil making, investigating bacteria, discovering how animals move and a presentation about CERN and the Higgs Boson.  We also have visits from Dunbar Grammar, Edinburgh Uni and Generation Science.  It should be an action packed week, but we hope that you will continue the science theme at home by encouraging your children to try some experiments or carry out some research on a scientist,  they can then display their work at our Science Showcase on Friday 16th March.  We will also be running a competition in school which will give the children the opportunity to design their own unique invention with some great prizes on offer.   You will find some great ideas for simple experiments at   If you are passing the playground during science week keep an eye out for some high flying rockets and exploding lunch bags!!!

Scottish Love in Action Fundraising event

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 did an excellent job of setting up and selling a selection of homemade Christmas crafts to families and friends to raise funds for Scottish Love in Action.

P1 and P1/2 Fundraising Fair on PhotoPeach

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and bought the pupils’ products and to staff who gave their time and contributed to the success of the event.


New Book for P1

Primary 1 have been busy with ladybird themed activities based on their new book “What the Ladybird Heard” by Julia Donaldson. This is a gift from the Scottish Book Trust. They made crowns and masks, played ladybird maths games and learned new interesting facts on ladybirds.

Did you know  that ladybirds smell with their feet and taste with their antennae? P1 do!


Primary 7 and Primary 1 have been pairing up again but this time it has been on the laptops. The older children helped the younger children log on, speed up their keyboard skills and further increase their Maths and Numeracy to practise for “The Four Nations Maths Challenge”.

A great time was had by all and yet again, it wasn’t difficult to figure out that….. LEARNING IS FUN!


P1 Woodland Adventures

Primary One have finished their visits to the woods for this term. They have had great fun den and nest building for their woodland animal friends. They have heard stories and explored the woods and learned about how to keep safe while playing. Jen the ranger introduced us to Sam who will be our ranger from now on. Both rangers helped Mrs Gilmour light a fire that we popped our popcorn parcels on. We also toasted marshmallows using long sticks. Claire and Helen boiled water in the Kelly kettle for hot chocolate drinks, delicious! A big thank you to all the parents who helped over the past six weeks.