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Primary 7 introduced Primary 1 to our lovely new School Library yesterday!

Natasha (P7) said she felt proud of being able to teach them new skills and something they can achieve.

Jessica (P7) said she thought it was a good learning experience for them.

Moray (P7) said he enjoyed the social aspect of working with younger chilldren.

How did you feel Primary 1? We hope you all enjoyed it as much we did!

Pantomime time!


Nursery to Primary 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the Hopscotch Theatre and were treated to a  performance of Puss in Boots.

“I liked her long tail and the way she caught the mice”, said Anna about the Puss character.

“It was Mick being the lady!” said Elli about the Dame.

“He was a bit scary….”, said Morven about the ogre.

” I liked the boy’s kilt,” said William.  ” I liked the King’s fat belly,” said Ashley.

Hello Primary 1!

Hello to all Primary 1 pupils and parents/carers

I hope you are having fun in the snow.  We will have a busy time catching up on our work when you get back but meantime you could have a look at these games. 

Click here for a game of popping word bubbles. 

Click here for some counting and adding.

Click here to find out how you can make cake for hungry birds in winter. [You need a grown up to help]

Have fun!

Mrs Gilmour

Jolly Phonics P1

P1 was learning all about ‘S’ today. We sang a song about ‘S’ and learned how to write it using our ‘magic finger’. We were then very busy practising our letter on the whiteboards using a pen. We will be learning a new letter every day except a Friday. They were very excited to get lovely new book bags to bring home their Sounds book. Please make sure they come back to school every day!

 Have fun!

On your marks, Get set, GET HEALTHY!!!

Next week is HEALTH WEEK!

We have some fantastic things planned, including the Healthy Cafe mentionned below by Miss Lawson.

Our focus is being healthy INSIDE AND OUT. So we are not just thinking about physical activity, but also eating well, relaxing and using our minds for creative and mental challenges.

Parents are invited to join in EARLY MORNING AEROBICS at 8.45am each morning. So pop on your trainers and come jump up and down to some good music.

Also if any parents wish to come on our WHOLE SCHOOL WALK, please give your name to your child’s teacher or to Audrey.

Thank you

Miss Fleming

P.S Keep an eye out for photos from our week being posted!


P1 Assembly

We have been finding out about minibeasts and decided to show other classes what we have learned. We produced and performed our own show where we had a dancing caterpillar and sang lots of songs. >[rockyou114829627]

We ran 543 and half miles today!

As part of our Health Week activities every class from P1 to P7 went out to the field with Mrs Mckendrick and ran (or walked if they were getting tired) around a half mile circuit. Every time they completed a circuit they received a token and these were added up at the end of the day to see how far the school had travelled.
These were the results for the individual classes:
P1 57 miles
P2 71 miles
P3 70 miles

P4 66 miles
P5 104 miles
P6 78 miles
P7 97 and a half miles
Some classes have been outside skipping with Emma our Active Schools Co-ordinator.

[rockyou 112726529]