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P2 Museum of Flight Workshop – “A Journey in Stories”

We were thrilled to have Ross and Sylvia from the Museum of Flight with us on Monday morning. They brought their little friend Sophie with them to take us on a journey from East Fortune all the way to Australia. We learned all about by-planes and even got to make our own, we loved flying them around the classroom! Our first stop on the journey was Germany, whilst we were here we learned all about the different clothes that pilots wear in different types of planes. We then left Germany and made our way to China – here we heard all about the legend of the emperor Huang Di and how the Chinese symbol of the dragon evolved from a snake! Finally we landed in Australia and learned all about native Australian animals such as the kangaroo, the kookaburra and the emu. We thoroughly enj

oyed our journey!

Primary 2 Wind Indicators

As part of our weather topic we have been looking at tools that record the weather. We made predictions about which material would fly the highest in the wind, used that material to make wind indicators and then took our tools outside to test them. We had a great time running around the playground and testing how strong the wind was in different areas!

P2 Autumn Nature Walk

This week in primary 2 we have started our topic for this term – the weather. Having spoken about the four seasons we took advantage of the lovely weather and went on a nature walk to Preston Mill with the aim of identifying features of autumn. We had a wonderful time exploring our local area and collecting autumn leaves, acorns and conkers for the classroom. We showed a great deal of interest in the nature around us and asked some fantastic questions!

P2 and P6 buddies enjoy transient art

P2 and P6 worked together outside looking for signs of Autumn.  They selected different natural materials and created nature pictures.  They look fabulous!

Food Fun in P2!

What a busy time we are having learning all about healthy food! On Friday we made sandwiches – we had to spread the butter, chop the cucumber, cut the bread and eat it all up! Today we met Sally from Field to Fork and we learned more about whole grains,  then we enjoyed some tasty porridge!