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We ran 543 and half miles today!

As part of our Health Week activities every class from P1 to P7 went out to the field with Mrs Mckendrick and ran (or walked if they were getting tired) around a half mile circuit. Every time they completed a circuit they received a token and these were added up at the end of the day to see how far the school had travelled.
These were the results for the individual classes:
P1 57 miles
P2 71 miles
P3 70 miles

P4 66 miles
P5 104 miles
P6 78 miles
P7 97 and a half miles
Some classes have been outside skipping with Emma our Active Schools Co-ordinator.

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P3 Survey Results

dscf0575.JPGWe looked at all the answers we had from our survey. Here are the graphs we made on the computer.

Most people would like more parking spaces, dog mess cleaned up, more flowers and the railway station to be reopened.
Let us know what you think.

East Linton and P3

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This term, we have been finding out about our village. We visited the High Street, took photos and carried out a survey. Our parents and some people we met in the village answered our questions.When we came back to school, we did Walkabout Talkabout to find out the results.Now we have to record these. Look out for our next post when we will share our findings.