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P3 as Television Stars!!!

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Today was Primary Three’s turn to do their assembly.  We pretended we were on TV, starring in various programmes, from High School Musical to News Reports to songs about Animals. Primary Three did so well and sang their hearts out and remembered their parts. I am very proud of how quickly they learnt their actions, dances and words. Here is what some of  the boys and girls thought:

I liked doing all of it  – Lachlan

I loved dancing to High School Musical – Hayley

I liked it when we all sang Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport – Cameron

I loved it when Lewis Fleming scored the goal in the football programme – Aiden

I enjoyed the singing – Robert

My favourite part was when we all sang together – Melissa

We loved playing football! – Lewis and Adam

At the end of our Assembly, Megan and Brandon presented the Green Flag to the school. We hope to get a flagpole so we can have it flying high above our school, so everyone knows about it!

Miss Fleming and Primary Threee.

A Busy Week for P3


We have had a very busy week in Primary Three, and we thought we should tell you about it!

We have been researching Australian animals on the internet and reporting back to the class as if we were news reporters. I think that some of Primary Three might end up as real life news reporters when they are older, as they were all so good at it!

We have also been painting in the style of traditional Aboriginal paintings, and the results are amazing – come and look at our display!

As if that wasn’t enough we have been doing balances in Gymnastics, measuring objects around our classroom, practising our 4 times table, watching clips of Aussie animals in action and making up animal characters for stories!!!!!

Wow – What a week!!!!!

Thank you for working hard Primary Three, I definitely think you deserve a big rest this weekend – I know I will be going to bed early tonight!

Miss Fleming ( and Primary Three)

Three Little Pigs


Primary Three have been investigating materials and we used the idea from the story of the Three Little Pigs for an experiment.

In groups we made houses of straw, sticks and bricks (duplo). Then using a hairdryer (we thought it was safer than bringing in a real wolf) we huffed and puffed and watched the houses fall down. The house of straw fell down before we could take a photo of it, but the group making the house of straw cleverly used string and playdough to make it a bit stonger. Next up was the house of sticks. Our hairdryer was obviously not as powerful as the huff and puff of a wolf as our house of sticks stood firm for a while. However once we removed some of the playdough holding it together, it did tumble under the force of the hairdryer. Finally our houses of bricks all stood firm. We tried very hard to blow them down but they didn’t show any signs of breaking.

The whole class were excellent investigators, team players and builders – so well done Primary Three! Also Cameron was the camera man during our experiment, so congratulations for doing such a brilliant job.


East Linton Exploring

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Primary Three have been learning about East Linton in their topic “My Village”. On Thursday afternoon, with the help of some parents, we split into small groups and spent the afternoon in East Linton. We walked around having a look at the landmarks and taking photos. We also had a questionnaire which we asked local people to find out what they liked and disliked about our village. We met some people who had lived in the village for 55 years!

 We also found out that most people loved living in East Linton but reopening the train station would make the village better.

Thank you to the Kay, Diane and Dawn for their help on the trip.

Miss Fleming, Mrs Gordon and Primary Three

What is inside your lunchbox?

P3 have been learning about healthy eating and how we can group foods into different categories. We have been working hard to make a big display in our classroom, and have been doing activities to do with healthy eating and food in all our different subjects, such as maths and ICT.

Have a look at our wondeful lunchboxes – fantastic work Primary Three!!!!!

Mrs Gordon and I are very happy with how hard the P3’s worked not only in making their own lunchboxes but also in helping to create the classroom display.

Miss Fleming 

P3 on the seashore.

As part of our Seashore studies, we visited Yellowcraigs and the Scottish Seabird Centre. The Ranger took us out to the rockpools where we found lots of interesting creatures. Afterwards we had a picnic lunch at North Berwick and went to the Seabird Centre. We watched puffins and other birds on the cameras and also made craft rockpools in the Education Centre.Many thanks to all our adult helpers. We had a great time! > [rockyou 115753845]

We ran 543 and half miles today!

As part of our Health Week activities every class from P1 to P7 went out to the field with Mrs Mckendrick and ran (or walked if they were getting tired) around a half mile circuit. Every time they completed a circuit they received a token and these were added up at the end of the day to see how far the school had travelled.
These were the results for the individual classes:
P1 57 miles
P2 71 miles
P3 70 miles

P4 66 miles
P5 104 miles
P6 78 miles
P7 97 and a half miles
Some classes have been outside skipping with Emma our Active Schools Co-ordinator.

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P3 Survey Results

dscf0575.JPGWe looked at all the answers we had from our survey. Here are the graphs we made on the computer.

Most people would like more parking spaces, dog mess cleaned up, more flowers and the railway station to be reopened.
Let us know what you think.

East Linton and P3

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This term, we have been finding out about our village. We visited the High Street, took photos and carried out a survey. Our parents and some people we met in the village answered our questions.When we came back to school, we did Walkabout Talkabout to find out the results.Now we have to record these. Look out for our next post when we will share our findings.