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Sweet Dreams in P4

We have been reading the BFG in P4 as our class novel. The giant in the story catches dreams and keeps them in jars, this led us to talk about catching dreams and we decided to make traditional American Indian dream catchers. These were originally made to hang above babies beds. It was believed that only good dreams could get through the dream catcher so the baby would always have peaceful sweet dreams.


What a great way to learn about directions.  We programmed the bee robots to move around the classroom.  It was so much fun.  Harris would like one for his next Christmas present!

Pantomime time!


Nursery to Primary 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the Hopscotch Theatre and were treated to a  performance of Puss in Boots.

“I liked her long tail and the way she caught the mice”, said Anna about the Puss character.

“It was Mick being the lady!” said Elli about the Dame.

“He was a bit scary….”, said Morven about the ogre.

” I liked the boy’s kilt,” said William.  ” I liked the King’s fat belly,” said Ashley.

Incredible number machines in P4

P4 have been busy learning about number machines. The children worked on designing their own number machines and then challenged one another to work out the processes of their machines. As you can see from the photos the children came up with some fantastic designs and some very challenging machines.

Puppet workshop in P4

P4 have been busy making felt hand puppets. All the children have learnt the basic skill of sewing, so remember parents they can help with sewing on buttons at home now!!!
We had great fun making a variety of puppets. Thanks so much to Mrs Berwick for helping us, an extra pair of hands made it all so much easier.
The children then worked in groups and presented their own puppet shows to the rest of the class.


P4 are learning about volume, hands on.  Does the volume of the ice we collected stay the same once it has melted?  We borrowed P1’s water tank so we could practise accurate measuring, we recorded our ideas on the whiteboard.

Igloo Building

We worked in 3 teams to design and build an igloo.  The snow angels built theirs with big boulders made out of giant snowballs then used tubs to create small snow bricks.  Team Gangster built theirs using big tubs shaped as a snow cube.  Abominable Snow boys built theirs out of a mound of snow and then dug out a door by scooping out with a little spade.  Extreme outdoor learning!