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Art Club

A number of children from P3 and P4 are attending an after school art club with Miss Mastin.  Parents and local community members have also volunteered their time to come and help us, which is fantastic and greatly appreciated.  So far we’ve created creatures out of boiled eggs, and designed some amazing masks.  Have a look for yourselves at what we’ve done!

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Life cycles in P4

Our new topic in P4 is life cycles. We are currently learning about the life cycle of frogs, butterflies and ladybirds. The children have been really busy creating some fabulous displays to show their learning. We currently have some ladybird larvae in the class in the past week they have really grown and we are awaiting the arrival of our caterpillars so we can see their life cycle in action.

Mental Maths in P4

P4 have been taking part in a research project about mental maths. We have be trying each day to improve our speed and accuracy in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This has proved really popular with the class who are working together as a team and also competing against each other, boys vs girls. We were discussing different ways in which we could improve our learning in this area and decided to have a day using new technologies to help us. The children used a variety of different devices including Nintendo DS, ipod touch, PSP and ipad which have a selection of maths challenge games. All the children were totally engaged and enjoyed learning mental maths this way.

Big Art Pow Wow in P4

Over the last few weeks P4 have been involved in a Pow Wow. Through drama we have been learning about the creation myth of the native American Indian people. Today we had a full day of art linked to this drama work. We made masks to represent spirit animals and collages which will be put together to make a teepee. The children worked really hard and produced original and creative artworks. Thanks to our parent helpers Mrs Socha and Mrs Watson for all their support.

Game Designers in P4

P4 have been busy over the last few weeks making games using magnets. The children worked in groups, they began by planning on paper and then decided which materials they would need to make their games. They then built their games, made up the rules of play and presented them to their classmates. Today was the official launch of our games. Children from P1/2 came to play them, they had a great time and even won some prizes!!

Earth Hour in P4

P4 have made earth sun catchers to raise awareness of Earth Hour.
Earth Hour 2011 is a global event organized by the World Wildlife Fund. This year Earth Hour is on Saturday 26th March 2011 between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Households and businesses will turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change.

Magentic faces in P4

P4 have been carrying out more experiments with magnets. We have been learning what materials magnets can work through by experimenting with water, different fabrics, plastic and paper. We also made some magnetic faces using magnets and iron filings and some cork characters which we could move by using magnets.

Complicated Communication in P3 and P4

Continuing with our science theme of communication P3 and P4 had a communication challenge today. They had to use their skills of position, movement and language to help their classmates complete puzzles. Well done everyone as this was a tricky task. We were also learning about sound, vibration and pitch. We all made our own reed instruments from straws and had great fun playing them, feeling the vibrations and listening to the different pitches. P4 even managed a marching band in the playground.