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A host of golden daffodils in P4

P4 have been listening to The Daffodils by William Wordsworth which has put us in the mood for Spring. We were sketching daffodils in the classroom today. We tried sketching the daffodils just by looking at them, then we tried sketching them without lifting our pencils off the paper and finally we tried sketching them with our eyes closed. We then added colour using pastel chalks the final artworks look amazing.

P4 fundraising for camp

P4 are starting to raise money to fund their camp in June 2011. One of the ways that we are going to do this is by selling bottles of Schweppes Abbey Well water in school. The cost of a 500ml bottle of Schweppes Abbey Well water will be 45p which is even cheaper than Asda but it just gets better! If you take the lid from the bottle of water to your local swimming pool then you are entitled to a free swim. For further information you can checkout the website

The water will be on sale at the tuck shop on a Friday morning or available from P4 at the start of the morning break.

We are also able to offer a bulk buy service. A box of 24 bottles for £10.00 or 12 bottles for £5.00 which we can deliver locally for free.

We hope you will support P4 in their fundraising and encourage your children to be healthy by drinking water during the day and keep fit with a free swim.
Thanks to Mr & Mrs Dignan for their support with this.

Human Magnets in P4

Our new topic in P4 is magnetism. Today we were learning how magents attract and repel. All the children became human magnets with a north and south pole and were learning which poles attract and which poles repel and having good fun!

P4 Scottish Assembly

P4 performed their Scottish Assembly today for the whole school. They told the story of St Andrew and the Saltire through drama and recited the Scottish poems they had been learning. Everyone took part and did a fantastic job. We had an after show party to celebrate our success. Well done P4.

P4 visit Abbeyfield

P4 visited the residents at Abbeyfield today. The children performed the Scottish poems and Scottish dances that they have been learning during their Scottish topic. The children presented the residents with small origami boxes they had made, decorated with tartan bows and filled with chocolate mints yum!!!! Well done P4 you were fantasic!

Sweet Dreams in P4

We have been reading the BFG in P4 as our class novel. The giant in the story catches dreams and keeps them in jars, this led us to talk about catching dreams and we decided to make traditional American Indian dream catchers. These were originally made to hang above babies beds. It was believed that only good dreams could get through the dream catcher so the baby would always have peaceful sweet dreams.


What a great way to learn about directions.  We programmed the bee robots to move around the classroom.  It was so much fun.  Harris would like one for his next Christmas present!

Pantomime time!


Nursery to Primary 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the Hopscotch Theatre and were treated to a  performance of Puss in Boots.

“I liked her long tail and the way she caught the mice”, said Anna about the Puss character.

“It was Mick being the lady!” said Elli about the Dame.

“He was a bit scary….”, said Morven about the ogre.

” I liked the boy’s kilt,” said William.  ” I liked the King’s fat belly,” said Ashley.