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Library Visit

P5 managed to miss the rain and go for a visit to see Heather and Lorna at the local library. Heather explained to the class that in addition to lending books, there are many other activities and groups that can be found there. We were amazed to discover that they even provide new hearing aid batteries, free of charge! Heather then asked the class if they could identify some celebrity authors from photographs. Mrs Gilmour, Claire and Fiona were very impressed with their knowledge! Heather then read a passage from Chris Foy’s children’s novel all about a boy who lives above a second hand bike shop. We all enjoyed our visit and hope to visit it again soon.

Science Week in P5

This week in P5 we have had a science focus.

On Monday we started off learning the vocabulary of electricity to help us with exciting electrical experiments!

On Tuesday we had Tamsin’s mum Rebecca join us to explain DNA and help us extract the DNA from a kiwi fruit! We ABSOLUTELY loved it! Thank you very much. 🙂 We also started discussing how electricity is made and all about the role of the atoms! It was quite tricky but P5 listened well and everyone did fantastic on the quick quiz after.

On Wednesday we started to investigate circuits using batteries, crocodile clips and light bulbs. We predicted if a circuit was complete or incomplete and then tested it out, as well as testing other materials to see if they were conductors or insulators.

On Thursday we were very lucky to have Tamsin’s dad Donald with us. We were looking at ‘how to think like a scientist’ using thinking skills to help us understand bias, reliability and chance. We had a brilliant day and even got to be scientists and carry out our own experiments! Another huge thank you from P5!

And finally, on Friday we will be investigating switches and their role in circuits and reflecting on all the fantastic learning experiences we have had this week. Here are some snaps of P5’s week!

Pitch, Pulse and MAGIC in P5!

As the final part of the Pitch, Pulse, Magic in P5 the class were learning about the magic of music.

We were learning about the emotions, images and atmosphere that music can create and drew pictures of what different music made us  picture, and used adjectives and adverbs to describe a composition.

Also, some of us got the chance to conduct the two visitors while they played. We  controlled whether they start or stop; and if they play loudly or quietly.

We have really enjoyed all three sessions and learned lots about music over the year!


P5 had a great time at camp a couple of weeks ago!

On the first day, we went to Foxlake and we were all really brave and challenged ourselves. We also went to Innerwick Primary School’s playground to and really enjoyed playing with the tyres that were there.

On the second day, we visited Torness Power Station and learned all about nuclear energy and about the different people who work there and protect the station. Afterwards, we went for lunch (which we made ourselves!) at John Muir Country Park. We went for a woodland walk collecting everything that we thought was beautiful and Mrs Gardner also challenged us to fill a bog with items from a list! Everyone did a fantastic job scavenging and exploring.

On the last night we had a movie night! We watched the Minions Movie in our PJs and had snacks.

We spent so much time outdoors and all had a great time. Thank you to all of the staff members who came along and helped make camp a fantastic experience for everyone.

Here are some photos of the trip.

Here are the class’s reflections about their favourite activities:

Sofia: “Foxlake was my favourite part of camp because I loved challenging myself and trying all of the obstacles!”

Amelie: “My favourite memory of camp was when we went to Foxlake because everyone did it! SPLASH!”

Sophie: “Foxlake because it was awesome.”

Charlie: “Foxlake and Torness, because Foxlake was fun.”

Fin MB: “Foxlake was my favourite because we got wet!”

Ellie: “My favourite memory of camp was Foxlake because I had never been.”

Fearne: “My favourite memory of camp was Foxlake because it was challenging and fun.”

Oliver: “My favourite part was Foxlake because we got to go on an assault course.”

Heidi: “I like Foxlake because it was really sunny and fun.”

Fergus: “I really enjoyed Foxlake because I liked getting wet.”

Ella: “I enjoyed going to Foxlake because I was scared at first but now I love it.”

Emma: “I really liked Foxlake because it was really fun and I loved it.”

Finn: “I liked Foxlake because of the Foxfalls.”

Albie: “My favourite part was Foxlake, because it was really refreshing.”

Sam: “I like Foxlake because it was fun.”

Felix: “I like rolling tyres down a hill and the John Muir Trail because we got to play in a park.”

Tamsin: “My favourite activity was going to Torness Power Station because it was really fun and interesting.”

Abbi: “My favourite part was Torness because I had never went there.”

Cayden: “My favourite part was when we went to Torness and why because I had never been there.”

Daisy: “My favourite memory was Foxlake because I had fun.”

Joseph: “Foxlake was my favourite memorable thing, it was so fun and I did red twice and blue once.


P5 Outdoor Art!

To commemorate the centenary of the death of Robert Noble, P5 had the opportunity to create artwork for the school.

We looked at some of Robert Nobel’s paintings of East Linton in assembly on Friday and discussed his love of the river and colour.

We split into four groups – each looking at a different aspect of the River Tyne – and made four large pieces of art. One focused on colour, another on the water, another on trees and the last on the leaves.

We studied the area, drew and coloured on paper, brought all of our ideas and perceptions together, then worked brilliantly in groups to make everything come to life!

A special thanks and Carol, Fiona and Zoe who made it all happen!

Here are some photos of the class researching the environment, taking sketches and making compositions!

What a great way to celebrate the work of Robert Nobel, well done P5!


World of Work in P5

Last week was World of Work week in ELPS!

P5 really loved all of the visitors coming in to tell us about their work and answering all of our questions! Thank you so much to everyone who came in to speak to us!

We also looked at further education, jobs in renewable energy, the A-Z of jobs as well as making our own CVs!