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It’s still snowing! We miss you !

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are all safe and warm! Your teachers have been working hard during these snow days to plan some fantastic learning for you , so hopefully we will be seeing you all on Monday.

P4-7 – hope you are doing lots of lovely reading – remember to use ARbookfinder online to check if a book is on AR.

p1-3 – carry on with any reading book you have or enjoy a comic or magazine.

We do hope you have been getting creative in the snow – send us your photos so we can put them on our blog!


Take care everyone.

Mrs G 🙂

P6 snow day

Hi P6, due to the unusual weather we have another day at home.  I’m sure you will be keeping busy anyway but just a reminder of some other things you could be up to:

you could continue to work on your homework project

we will extend the deadline for World Book Day photos to Thursday 8th March so you still have time to enter to win the handmade Harry Potter wand.

Maths – we have been working on graphs and data collection so you could keep a note of the temperature throughout the day and record it in a line graph

Remember to read as it is World Book Day but also get out and enjoy the snow it may be a long time till we have weather like this again so create some snow memories.

Enjoy, stay warm and safe, see you soon Mrs P

Money Sense workshop RBS P5

P5s along with P6 and P7, had a money  workshop delivered by class teachers and by RBS employee, Mr Mc Connachie.

The message the classes were given, was to be very aware of the importance of keeping your personal details safe at all times.

The workshop gave some common scenarios encountered by all of us that could lead to the possibility of Identity theft. The classes then, had to spot, discuss and record why they thought these situations could lead to problems.


I think everyone involved, staff too! realised how easy it can be to be a victim of fraud and to be careful at all times.

P6 update on our learning by P6 pupils


On the 25th of January we learnt about brains and Neurons. Only the most amazing microscopes can see them.

On the 18th we stared the 500  word challenge and hopefully we will start typing them up on the 30th of January

On the 25th of January Sally from Field to Fork came to visit us and Sally told us how to make porridge and museli  she also said all about how important it is to eat breakfast and it will make us happier plus it is good for our waist!

Over the last week we’ve started fractions and yersterday we started adding and subtracting fractions.

We also learnt about buckets not your ordinary bucket but an invisible bucket to keep your feelings in and if your kind you fill a bucket and if you are a bully your dip into buckets.

HWB aka health and well being this week we learned lots of stuff about the human body which was fun so we learnt where all the organs go in the body.

P6 decorated t-shirts to do with our project on the human body. We used a piece of paper to put under the t-shirt to use as a stencil to draw round our organs and then added details and colour to them.

We are reading the novel Wonder by R J Palacio in class  and we all came up with a precept like the ones in the book. We designed a face with a precept for life on the bottom.

We also did the Vitruvian man and we measured ourselves and worked together to see if we were in proportion.

P6 had a visit from the dog trust we learnt how to be safe around dogs and how to take care of them, they also showed us pictures of dogs they have helped.

By Ailey, Findlay, Abbi, Ellie, Heidi and Felix

Art and Poetry Show in P6

P6 had an Art and Poetry show to let their parents see all the wonderful work they have produced.  Children guided their visitors round all the displays explaining what they had been learning.  The children then taught these skills in mini workshops.  Our visitors were learning about vanishing points, foreshortening and parabolic curves in art and in poetry they had workshops on octopoems, limericks and black out poetry.  Thank you to everyone who was able to come along, we hope you enjoyed it.



Day of the Dead in P6

P6 were looking at the traditions and celebrations around the Day of the Dead.  The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. It is known there as Día de los Muertos. People who are from Mexico celebrate the festival in other countries as well. The festival is celebrated to remember loved ones who have died. It also helps people accept and deal with the idea of death. It takes place over two days in November.  One of the famous crafts from the celebrations are the masks so we had a go at creating our own.  They look fabulous!

WW2 in P6

Some photos from our WW2 project which I have just found on the class camera.  Photos show some of the artefacts the children brought in from home and items showing their own family history connections to the war.  Also some of our homework activities, a homemade Anderson shelter, gas mask and some home baking using recipes from the time.  At the end of our topic we had a workshop from the Museum of Flight and finally we shared our learning with the whole school at our assembly.  Great work P6!

Scribbleboy Rap in P6









P6 have been enjoying our class novel, Scribbleboy by Philip Ridley, it’s a fantastic book with some amazing characters, such as, Ma Glamrock, Pa Punkrock, Ziggy Fuzz,  Levi Toot, Hip-Hop, Be-Bop and Shoo-Wop.  We have been listening to some of the music which the characters in the book enjoy, we have had a dance to some disco, punk rock and rap.  We worked in groups today to present The Scribbleboy Rap – enjoy our performances!