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P6 represent school at knex challenge

The 2 P6 boys who won the class competition attended the cluster final at Sandersons Wynd Primary School to compete for a place in the national competition.  The boys designed a windmill with gearing inside.  Although they persevered and worked really hard we were pit at the post.  They were  a credit to the school.  Fantastic Effort!

Un grand bonjour de la classe de P6!

P6 are very lucky to have a link with a French school in a town called Combs-la-Ville which is to the south of Paris. We love writing to them and we got some lovely cards from them at Christmas. We thought it would be a a nice idea to show them what we are learning in French at the moment and we hope you will all enjoy our song too! It is all about “les sept jours de la semaine”. Who can work out what that means?

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Success at Meadowbank


On Wednesday 27th May a team of athletes from P6 and P7 went to Meadowbank to compete in the East Lothian small schools county sports competion. The events were 80m, 150m, 600m, relay,  Long Jump, High Jump, Tug of war and Cricket ball throw.  They all did very well and out of 13 schools they came 4th and were 1 point away from 3rd. Thank you to all the parents and teachers for helping out. We really appreciated it.(and a big thank you to Jane Armstrong for taking all these photos.)

On your marks, Get set, GET HEALTHY!!!

Next week is HEALTH WEEK!

We have some fantastic things planned, including the Healthy Cafe mentionned below by Miss Lawson.

Our focus is being healthy INSIDE AND OUT. So we are not just thinking about physical activity, but also eating well, relaxing and using our minds for creative and mental challenges.

Parents are invited to join in EARLY MORNING AEROBICS at 8.45am each morning. So pop on your trainers and come jump up and down to some good music.

Also if any parents wish to come on our WHOLE SCHOOL WALK, please give your name to your child’s teacher or to Audrey.

Thank you

Miss Fleming

P.S Keep an eye out for photos from our week being posted!


P6 enterprise day at Dunbar Grammar

P6 Dunbar cluster enterprise day

On the 4th of March p6s from all schools in the Dunbar cluster came together at Dunbar Grammar. Everyone got in 20 groups. We all had to make a Scottish business name and logo. There were lots of funny names like Hippy Highlanders and Out of Date shortbread.

After that everyone in the groups decided on which jobs they wanted from Managing Director, Finance Manager, Designer, Production Manager, Quality Control, Personnel, Seller and Buyer.

 Once we had decided we set to work on making Scottish products to be sold in a gift shop. These products were bookmark, gift tag, postcard, birthday card, table decoration and giftbox. So we started of with £25 and we had to buy materials then make suvinerors for money. Everyone did extremely well at making money and the winning team “the Hippy Hilanders” made an outstanding £125 including a £10 bonus which was smiles go miles with the Hippy Highlands. There was also an award for best quality products which was won by the “Out of date shortbread” . The day was a big hit and we all enjoyed ourselves.

By Megan and Jack A, P6

Open Morning



My job

At the open morning, I had a great time!

My job was organising the raffle with Marty.

We had to tear the raffle tickets out of the book,

write the persons name and phone number on each ticket,

then fold them up and put them in the raffle bucket.

The raffle tickets were 20p each or 5 for a pound.

Then at 11:45 Marty, Jack Armstrong and I drew the raffle tickets

and announced the winners.

Altogether our stall raised over £140 for Mission International and

we also had a great time.

By Callum Hardwick.


OPEN day                                                                             

I love it when there is an open day in school because

one ,you get to shop,

Two you get to sell and get money, T

hree you get to win prizes.

My friend Delphi and I had a stall.

We were selling every thing from purses to pillows.

We sold a lot in the first half hour .

We had £45 in notes and lots of pennies but at the end we ran out of crafts

and Mrs Donaldson’s mum and aunty all gave us some of their stuff

because they weren’t selling and we sold everything .

They were very happy.

We don’t know how much we made but our stall must have made over £100- wow!                                          


Running the Tombola Stall

My job was to organize the Tombola for the Open Morning.

So I got all the donations suitable for the Tombola together.

I got a raffle ticket book and started sticking the tickets with 0 or 5 on the prizes.

My favourite prize was a remote control helicopter.

On the day it was all set out on the table with the bucket full of screwed up tickets.

Tickets were 5 for £1. At first it seemed no one was going to do it.

But after the first person came another one came then another and another.

At the end no prizes were left and I had made about £117.00!! 

Maddy Dorrian  P6


Selling Potatoes

On the open morning my job was to sell potatoes. I had put them into bags.

There were 36 bags and at the end I had 5 or 7 bags left.

I sold the bags for £1.80 and £1.00 . It was fun as my dad helped me.


Thomas Angus Innes Tait

Primary 6



Through the week p6 were having activities like putting.

We also sold books, paper lasers, flying saucers and lots more.

Everybody in the school came to p6 class. Everyone bought something.

P6 were so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves and my stall alone raised over £76.

Miss Dunlop and Miss Donaldson were very pleased with us.

Miss Donaldson brought us all thank you cards with kids from Burundi on them.

Alex Black,p6  


The Toy stall

On Friday 6th February P6 had a big open morning.

I was on the toy stall with Alex, Olivia, Rebecca and Hannah.

There were light sabers, paintball guns, a hot wheels track

and loads of books and videos.

Some items had never been opened so we sold them for a fair amount.

Nearly all our items were sold. We raised a lot of money from everybody’s donations.


By Jack Armstrong