P7 Learning Blog – Week Beginning 30th August 2021

This week in P7…

On Monday we wrote our imaginative stories about a lost sword. We all tried very hard.

On Tuesday we met our new hometeams. It was very fun and it was noisy. We made shields and put our team names on it with our names.

On Wednesday we had music with Mrs Mailer. We were practising our rhythms using a video on youtube. Then we had Ms Ferguson. Now, we have Ms Ferguson on Wednesdays. We were converting 24 hour to 12 hour time. Then after lunch we had Miss McKay again and we did some ICT. We made fact files about Flora MacDonald. Flora MacDonald helped Bonnie Prince Charlie flee from Scotland.

On Thursday we did PE with Miss Gordon. We did some four square and practised volleyball. It was very fun and enjoyable.

On Friday we did French with Mrs Ballantyne. We were learning school subjects in french!

By Nicole,  Asia, Noah and Lawrie .


P7 Learning Blog – Week Beginning 23.8.21

vikingshieldP7 have had a tiring week back at school because it has been their first full week in almost 2 months!

The most exciting part of the week was when we met our P1 buddies because we weren’t sure if we would get them or not (they’re so cute as well). 

We made cards for them and went outside to read a book that we all chose for them. We went in the sunshine and it was lovely.

We started planning our learning about the Jacobites which is our new topic for the term. We learned about how it started and some of the battles. 

In Art this week we were doing our self-portraits which included shape, shading and colouring.

The thing that we are most excited about is the reading groups because it has been a very long time since the last time we did them and we might have new ones! 

Written by Oscar, Sarah, Michael and Lucas

School Improvement Plan 2020-2021

ELPS SIP 2021 Sep

Initially our top priority is happy and settled children – and the children have done themselves proud returning to school with really positive attitudes and ready to learn after being away for so long.

This year our school improvement plan has a strong focus on Literacy as a key area we wish to review and improve. There are also other areas of school development that we have carried on from last year.

If you believe you can help support any area of development in any way , please so get in touch !

P7 Information

Hi Everyone,

As you are aware next week is our final week of school. I know everyone is tired but it would be great to see as many people involved next week as possible in the activities and google meet calls! A few things I want to highlight.
P7 Profile
This should be complete by the end of next week. All the tabs need to have some information in them. If you need help or you want me to check over it, you can share it with me.
Video Memory
I am making a video of your memories of primary school so that you have a record as you move forward. These should be short videos, though if that is a problem you can send a slide with your memory on it. I have only received 12 so I am missing 17!!
We should find out our P7 classes next week. I will let you know as soon as I have more information.
Visit to School
We are hoping that you will be able to come into school next week individually at a designated time in order to collect a gift from the school, myself, and your work. We are hoping the yearbooks will be available then as well.
Next week’s Google Meet 11am timetable:
Monday- last day of fun games
Tuesday – review of lockdown slides
Thursday – Most Likey to Award Ceremony
Friday – pajama/ ice cream party with end of year video
I have also planned some escape room activities, creating a dreamboard of what you would hope for in your next 15 years and P7 message slides. These slides are for everyone to write positive messages/ memories to your classmates in order to keep and remember. Some people have also created exciting feelings scales for you to use in your check ins next week!
Remember to watch the DGS Transition videos and keep up to date with the Twitter Page!
Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Warrender