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Primary 5 Home Learning 25th March 2020 from Mrs McPheat

Morning everyone!

Happy Birthday Oscar!!

So today I am taking over from Miss Reeves. You have all been working really hard and I have been dipping into your page in the Google Classroom. As with most of us this is all new to me and I am on a steep learning curve and every day is a learning day!!

I am attaching our timetable for the rest of the week and all the activities are uploaded in the classroom. You don’t need to follow the timetable but the activities will give you some structure to your day.

P5 Week 1 Home Learning

Mrs McPheat


Hi everyone!

I have an extra wee challenge for you!! Rainbows are a sign of hope and happiness – can you paint or draw one and put it in your window for everyone to see? Send me some photos ! Let’s see how many we can get all around East Linton !!!

Mrs G

P2A Online Learning – Week beginning 23rd March 2020.

Good morning P2a!! Welcome to our first week of home learning! I’m so excited to ‘see’ you all online later!

I’ve attached below an overview of our week, which is just the same as if we were in school. Each day I will post suggested activities. You can complete them anytime you like and it would be amazing if you could keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on – maybe even send me a photo of your work from time to time – but you don’t have to!

Don’t forget to have some fun and plenty of exercise breaks!

P2a Weekly Overview 23 March

See you soon,

Mrs Thomson

P2B Weekly Plan

Hello P2B!

Here is our plan for the week which shows all of the fun learning that we are going to be doing together.

I can’t wait to get our Google classroom up and running and to see all the fantastic things you get up to at home. Remember, I’m here to help you just like always.

Take care and keep your eyes on our classroom for your first task tomorrow morning,

Mrs Hutchison x


P6 Blog – Week Ending 6th March

In P6 this week, we have been learning about 3D shapes and their nets in Maths. In Art we have been focusing on shading 3D shapes. In Technology we have been using the Tinkercad app for 3D shapes and have learned about the history of the telephone. We created a timeline. In Music we have been learning songs for Sports Relief and we have been reading scores. In Literacy we created a book poster to advertise a friends book, we practised summarising while reading up on Alexander Graham Bell and looked up vocabulary we didn’t understand in a dictionary.

Human Body in P4

In P4 we have been learning about the human body as part of our health and well being mini project.  We have identified some of the bones in our bodies and the main features of our skeletons.  We have also been learning about different joints in the body.  This week we made a new hand for Iron Man, he wanted one which worked more like a human hand so we had to learn about how our hands work to make a working prototype for him.  We have also been identifying our main organs and what they do in the body.


Yoga, Dookin’ and saving the planet

It’s  amazing the variety of things we get to do in P4.  We have been enjoying a taster session of yoga, dookin’ for apples as part of our Halloween celebrations and making pledges to change our behaviour to help save our beautiful planet.

P4 update

It’s been busy in P4 we have been growing our own rainforest in class, learning lots about branching databases and having fun with fractions.