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Primary 4 learn about the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter being built at East Fortune

Aviation Documentary Film Maker Gerard Lohan visited Primary 4 today to tell the children about the 1 1/2 Strutter build project that is going on at East Fortune. He spoke about the fast pace of Aviation development during the past 100 years and helped the children understand what it was like to fly the aircraft during the war. He will hopefully be able to show us the project next week when we visit the Museum of Flight.



The Pause!

Primary 5’s novel this term is the hilarious tale of Hamish and the Worldstoppers by Danny Wallace.

In the novel, we have come to learn that the world is stopping (or pausing) but Hamish is the only one who can still move. These pauses in the world are due to the disgusting Worldstoppers – but why are they stopping the world? Hopefully Hamish will save the day!

So we thought that since the world was stopping in the book that maybe we could have a ‘pause’ too! Have a look at our ‘Mannequin Challenge’ pause and see if you can guess who seems to have ‘unpaused’!

Busy In Primary 3

Primary 3 have been busy drawing and writing poems about bonfire night. They have produced some lovely senses poems describing the sights, smells, sounds and feelings of the night.
They have also been looking at solids, liquids and gases in their science topic. They have changed a liquid into a solid and made carbon dioxide gas.

Busy In P3 on PhotoPeach

Primary 7 Castle Visit

poetry-003 poetry-009 poetry-010Last week we visited Edinburgh Castle for a workshop on Poetry. We had a tour of the war museum and had to use our senses to describe how it made us feel. We then got to look at lots of objects from World War 1 – we had to describe them and think about what they may have been used for. Lastly we visited the Memorial Room, we had to look for a name and then acting as Detectives, we had to try and find out what had happened to that person. I am sure you will agree how fantastic our finished poems are! I am very proud of your work Primary 7.


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Help Pudsey!



Next Friday ( 18th) is Pudsey Day! To support Children in Need wear something or carry something spotty, bring a donation and bring 50p for a cupcake or 20p for a top hat  – thank you to our P6 bakers !

Mrs Gardner has set a challenge – we get extra time to play if everyone is spotty in some way – head to toe, a hat, a T shirt , a ribbon, a teddy… hooray!


P4 measure distances in East Lothian

We have been learning about different units of measurement. These include those used to measure capacity, weight and length. The children have been very interested in using kilometres to describe distances. We have been using pipe cleaners that are equal to 10km on our maps and then have been bending them along roads to discover the distance between the different towns in East Lothian.


Primary 7 Fruit Tuck Shop

p7-2016-071 p7-2016-073 p7-2016-075 p7-2016-077 p7-2016-080

Primary 7 opened their fruit tuck shop on Monday. We had lots of happy customers & will be open every Monday at break time from now on. We hope to buy a wide variety of fruit so that our customers have the opportunity to buy some new and exotic fruit. Prices are from 25-45p and we hope to see you on Monday.