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P5 Timetable for 27th and 28th April

Hello P5.

Here is a copy of your timetable for Monday and Tuesday of this week. As always it’s all on Google Classroom as well.

Remember that you don’t need to follow the timetable exactly. It’s just a suggestion of how to organise your day. Do what you can when you can and remember to take time to look after yourselves and your families as well!

Timetable for Monday 27th April and Tuesday 28th April

Miss Reeves

Primary 5 Learning 23rd and 24th April 2020-Mrs McPheat

Good morning Primary 5!
I hope you all had a restful Easter break. I hope Bau, Bram, Asia and Noah all managed to celebrate their birthdays. I also want to say a HUGE WELL DONE to Lottie who has been raising money for Maggie’s Centres by baking cakes. When I looked just now she had raised an amazing £1,820!!! What a fantastic effort for a great cause!
I am posting the timetable for the next couple of days here and it will also be on the school website page. Remember it is a guide to help you organise your learning.
I know you did some writing for Miss Reeves about your holidays but if you’d like to share anything with me I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.
Mrs McPheat

P2B Weekly Overview – WB 21.4.20

Good morning everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely holiday filled with lots of chocolate and relaxing. Here is our overview for this week, remember there is no need for you to complete the tasks in the same order as the timetable but it is there to follow if you would like to.

Keep an eye on our morning chats every day at 8.50 where I will explain each task. Please get in touch if you need any help with anything or if you just fancy a natter!

Take care,

Mrs Hutchison x


Welcome back Primary 1.

Good morning everyone and welcome back to our distance learning. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and are now ready for some more fun learning.
Please find attached your timetable for this week. It is much abbreviated from last term, but there are lots of different ideas for learning posted in our Google classroom so please pop by and see what’s in store.

w_c 20th April

P2B Weekly Overview

Good morning P2B,

I am so excited for another week of online learning with you. Here is our plan for the week. Remember, all of our jobs will go up at 9am every day after my morning chat video explaining what our tasks are. Do what you can, when you can and remember that I will be here to help you if needed.

I am also adding in a ‘Play at Home’ activities sheet – if you are finished your tasks or you are looking for something extra then give these things a go! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

See you over on our google classroom,

Mrs Hutchison x


Play at Home Activities