Open Meeting next Wednesday

Next Wednesday the Integration Team are holding an Open Meeting at School.  You can come along and join workshops on parenting skills, health or enjoy a fun fitness taster session.  It starts at 6.30pm and there will be creche facilities.  Letters have been sent home, but if you can’t find the slip just contact the office to book your space.

Murals brighten up our playground

Last Friday our three murals were mounted on the school building.  Thanks to Laura Young, our mural artist, who worked with all classes to produce these wonderful murals to brighten up our grounds. Two of them are situated in the infant playground at the rear of the school and the third is on the approach ramp to the Nursery.  The Nursery also has a new sign.  Thank you to East Lothian Council Arts Service who gave us financial support towards the project.  Thank you too to the parents  who came and helped supervise the painting and to Mick and Paul for putting them up.

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Gala Week: Bill Brodie Award 2008

Do you know a child or young person who deserves to win the 2008Animated Trophy


for exceptional achievement

The Bill Brodie Memorial Award has been donated by the East Linton Gala Day Association to recognise the many years of service that Bill gave to the local community and his commitment to local children and young people.

The award will be presented to a local young person on an annual basis on Gala day.

The award is to recognise young peoples’ exceptional achievements. This should be taken in its broadest sense. For some young people exceptional achievement may be easily recognised, such as making a county team in sport, however, for some young people managing to achieve full attendance at school despite difficult home circumstances may be an exceptional achievement.

The award will comprise a trophy which the recipient will keep for a year and a smaller trophy for them to keep in perpetuity. There will also be a small monetary award.


1. Nominations will only be accepted on the official nomination forms

2. All nominations should be passed to the Secretary of the East Linton Gala Day Association prior to 6th June 2008

3. Nominations will only be accepted from people over the age of 18 years

4. Permission for the nomination to be put forward must be gained from the young person being nominated and their legal guardian before being submitted

Further information and nomination forms can be obtained from the Secretary, Andy Baker, 2, School Road, East Linton. Tel: 861 040. e-mail:

Whole school goes skipping mad

As our events for Health Week came to an end, the whole school took part in a Skipathon in aid of the British Heart Foundation. We started off in assembly this morning and then groups of children skipped continuously for three hours. We were fortunate with the weather and at the end of the morning the whole school (including the grown ups) came out and joined in the fun. Thanks to Emma, our Active Schools Co-ordinator for helping with our activities this week.

These are some of the photos we took:

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We ran 543 and half miles today!

As part of our Health Week activities every class from P1 to P7 went out to the field with Mrs Mckendrick and ran (or walked if they were getting tired) around a half mile circuit. Every time they completed a circuit they received a token and these were added up at the end of the day to see how far the school had travelled.
These were the results for the individual classes:
P1 57 miles
P2 71 miles
P3 70 miles

P4 66 miles
P5 104 miles
P6 78 miles
P7 97 and a half miles
Some classes have been outside skipping with Emma our Active Schools Co-ordinator.

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P2 take learning outdoors

dscf0374.JPGP2 have been learning about houses and homes. Today they have left their classroom and set up their class in two tents in the school grounds. Inspired by their recent work on “Send my friend to school” they are finding out what is is like for children around the world who have their lessons sitting under trees or in tents with their books on their knees. They have had snack outside and are planning to picnic for lunch too!in the tent

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