P5 Viking Assembly

Last week our Primary 5 class held an assembly for the whole school. They told us what they had been learning about the Vikings earlier in the session. It was so good that we wanted to share it with parents/carers and friends, so we have invited them for a special viewing on Friday 22nd February. P5 children are planning to entertain their guests with refreshments after the performance. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you liked best about it.

We’re in the big wide world

East Linton are now “out there” in the big wide world. You should be able to find our blog now if you use a search engine. Keep checking our pages to find out what we are doing…but bear with us…we’re still learning!
Please feel free to comment on anything you read or see on our blog.

Enterprise is the Business

philippa-and-christine.jpgEast Linton, Dunbar, West Barns and Musselburgh Burgh P7 pupils spent Tuesday 22nd January at the Corn Exchange in Haddington. In teams, they created and ran their own companies for the day.

 Philippa and Christine from East Linton and their team _______ won the Quality Award for high quality goods. Well done to them!

Feeding the birds

 We are feeding the birds outside. We have a bird table on our veranda so we can put out all sorts of lovely ‘goodies’ for the birds to eat. We are going to keep any left over snack we think the birds might like.  We have got a recipe to make bird cake which we hope the birds will find tasty too. The recipe will be available to take home, copies of this will be on the wall in the cloakroom. It is a great way to help our feathered friends and a good way to use up any left overs. So far we have had a visit from the starlings, seagulls and crows. We would love to see a robin so here’s hoping!

New look newsletter

We have started the new year with a new look newsletter. It is created in Microsoft Publisher and if you have this software on your computer at home you can choose to receive an electronic version instead of the paper one – saving paper and making sure you get it!

Anti-bullying week

19th-23rd November was anti-bullying week and we had a range of activities to raise awareness of the subject. Every class had a talk from PC Kev Hughes, our Community Policeman and classes from P3 to P7 took part in a drama workshop organised by Helen Peat, drama artist in residence at Dunbar Grammar School. Helen was assisted by two S4 pupils from DGS on work experience.
Work took place in classes during circle time and we held a whole school anti-bullying assembly. Scottish Government leaflets for parents and children were sent home and the children have been invited to enter a poster competition.

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