Latest work in P3

We have been carrying on with our magnet project in P3, this week we carried out some experiments to see if magnets work through non-magnetic materials, we tried plastic, wood, water and glass.  Like all good scientists we wrote up our experiments and our findings.

Hannah was presented with a certificate at her gymnastic class this week for being the gymnast of the month, well done, Hannah.

In our numeracy work this week we had the answers we just had to work out what the questions could be.  We worked with a partner to try to come up with as many questions as possible and presented our work to the class, some really challenging thinking going on (homework task coming soon).

In our writing this week we were thinking and talking about what we are grateful for, we wrote postcards to the people we are grateful to and presented them in class.  There were some lovely thoughts about friends who help us when we are stuck or when we are hurt and how grateful we are to our families who love us and take care of us.

We have been looking at colour in our art lessons and this week we focused on primary colours, we looked at the work of Piet Mondrian and spent time creating a collage inspired by his work.  We took our time to move shapes and colours around to see what worked best for composition and then we glued the pieces in place.  They look fantastic on the classroom wall.

We have also been doing some independent research on our magnet project using non-fiction books to find out some further information and to help us understand the key vocabulary.  Finally as it was St Andrew’s Day on Friday we made some Scottish themed magnets to take home.


Busy week in P3

We have had another busy week in P3.  We have been learning how to read clocks but have tried a new teaching method using only one hand to read o’clock and half past times, so far it seems to be working.

We have done a lot of work on our magnets project, we have been learning some of the words related to magnets such as  repel and attract and we  investigated how the force felt with bar magnets and human magnets.  We have also been experimenting with magnets in the classroom and have made games to discover if magnetism can travel through non-magnetic materials.  We made mazes and a fishing game with our spelling words.

As it was Book Week Scotland this week we had a visit to the library on Monday, we heard the  story of Thistle Street and learnt some Scottish words.  All of us received a Read, Write, Count bag full of lovely items for us to take home, there are two lovely books, card games, story dice and a notebook and pencil.

We had a visit to the Playpod with P5 and had great fun using all the new equipment in very creative and imaginative ways.

Finally our writing this week followed on from our Friendship wreath last week, we wrote recipes for friendship soup.  We had to decide which qualities we thought should go into our friendship soup recipe and how much of each ingredient, we then came up with a method to make our friendship soup.  We wrote our recipes out and made them look wonderful so they could go on display.

Recipe for friendship
More P3 recipes in the slideshow below 🙂


Our Playpod is ready to go!!!

Playpod getting ready thanks to Dundee’s @scrapAntics
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Thanks to @EastLintonPS parent, @DunpenderCC  and @lintonhotel2015 for funding

A quick update on P3

We have finished our project work on the Egyptians and we finished in style.  We presented our learning to the school with an Egyptian assembly and shared our learning with family and friends with an Egyptian open session.  The children displayed excellent presentation skills in their assembly and were great at teaching their adults all the skills they have learnt during our open session.

We have also been remembering the fallen with our remembrance work, we visited the War Memorial in the village to have an understanding of the impact WW1 and WW2 had on our village.

Jake has been educating us all about football players and teams by sharing his detailed work from home.

For Halloween we looked at the Day of the Dead festival and learned about the customs and traditions which surround it, we then made our own sugar skulls.

For anti-bullying week we talked about the importance of friendship and the qualities which make a good friend.  We then picked the five qualities which we think are most important and put them on a hand print and put them all together to make a friendship wreath.


Parent Council page updated

Following a training course courtesy of East Lothian Council, the Parent Council of 2018-19 is now able to update the Parent Council section of the website!  In this refreshed section you will find:

All parents who have a child at the school are automatically members of the Parent Forum. A smaller group of parents make up the Parent Council and they represent the Parent Forum. To find out more about the Parent Council, please do contact your class rep, or alternatively  you are welcome to get in touch by email:

Busy week of learning!

The end of another busy week!

  • P2 and P3 have enjoyed Money Sense workshops, learning about all things finance!
  • P6 have started their rugby tasters this week with the Rugby Development Officer.
  • Some of our entrepreneurial P6s held a Bake sale and raised £80 for Water Aid and the School.

Our teachers have all been learning too – at a cluster session on teaching French, and I have been to a training session on evaluating the teaching of number in classrooms.

Thank you for supporting the Book Fair – we have just over £500 in commission to spend on new books of all sorts.

Three PE students have joined us – they will be working with Miss Gordon for 8 weeks across the year and will also have a block of teaching nearer Easter.

I met this week with our new Cluster Family Support worker Marie Prior ( funded by the Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership) and Helen Harper our Community Learning Development lead and a flyer is coming to you next week about some open sessions they will be running in school – to support you as families and to build links between school and home.

Next week

  • Class newsletters and targets will be issued
  • Camp meeting for current P6’s at West Barns Primary 6pm on Tuesday
  • P1 are off to visit the library
  • P5 have their rearranged visit to the Royal Observatory
  • We are sharing our nursery good practice with colleagues from East Lothian nurseries on Friday afternoon
  • P3 are looking forward to sharing their learning with their families on Monday – invitations from other classes coming very soon!

Thanks to donations from our enterprising parents who held a clothing swap and the Linton Hotel our Playpod is going to be fully stocked up and ready to go on Monday 19th November – hooray!!!

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Have a good weekend,

Regards   Gill



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