Food Tasting in P2

P2 have been testing their taste buds this afternoon and tried a variety of foods as part of our Cafes topic!

We tried things such as olives, chorizo, feta, grapefruit, mango and tablet and discussed the different flavours and textures that we discovered. We were also very vocal about what we liked and what we disliked!!

Well done P2 for trying something new 🙂

Miss Dixon

P6 In The Great Outdoors

It’s that time of year when everything is springing into life so P6 took the opportunity of getting outdoors to enjoy it.  We have been tidying up the outdoor courtyard and have planted some seeds.  We are taking care of them daily and recorded any changes we see.  We have also been outdoors with our rugby lessons, over the past three weeks, we have been learning to pass, run with the ball, attack and defend.  We took our maths outdoors too, we have been learning about angles.  We looked at art by Kandinsky in which he uses angles, shapes, parallel and perpendicular lines.  We then went outdoors and made angles using different natural materials and finally we created some artwork in the style of Kandinsky using angles, shapes and lines.

P6 – What do your shoes say about you?

In P6 we have been developing our inference skills by using shoes!  We had a variety of different styles of shoes to look at and from these  we had to begin to build a character.  We came up with lots of questions to ask when looking at the shoes: Who would wear these?  What kind of job may they have?  What age? Were the shoes well worn or just for special occasions?  We then had a photograph and a short piece of text about the owner of shoes to help us infer some more.  We had to choose the shoes we felt we knew the most about and write a short paragraph about the character we had created from the conclusions we had made.  So what do your shoes say about you?

Design Challenges in P6

Our project on Inventors and Inventions gave us the opportunity to take part in weekly design challenges.  We worked in small groups each week and had to meet specific criteria to make our designs successful.  We have made bridges, newspaper towers, basketball stands, wind cars and our own unique inventions.  We have also been using our STEM skills to find our how things work.  We have been using tools (screwdrivers and hacksaws) to take things apart to see what goes on inside and then trying to put them back together again, not always successfully!

Lavender the Lamb!

A huge thank you to Michelle and Alistair Aitken for bringing in a very special visitor to P2 this morning. As part of our Health and Wellbeing topic, ‘Living and Growing’, we are learning all about where animals, and ourselves, come from so Lavender the Lamb came to say hello!

Alistair also spoke to the children about his work as a farmer and about food produce local to East Lothian. The children asked lots of questions and learned a lot!

Enjoy these photos of Lavender and the P2 🙂


The Big Pedal!!!

 We are taking part in the Big Pedal next week!

Belhaven Bikes will check your bike if you bring it to school on Monday, there will be bikes for adults to try too. On Friday 4th May we want everyone to cycle or scoot to school!

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