Busy in P1

Everyone in P1 has been very busy for the last couple of weeks.

In maths we have been getting really good at remembering our bonds to 10 and have been playing lots of games to practice our adding and subtracting skills. At the end of last week we had great fun with Mrs Pentony reading Aliens Love Underpants, sequencing events from the story and decorating our own underpants. Then on Tuesday we made some ‘Wanted’ posters to help the police to catch a naughty alien who was still on the loose and stealing people’s underpants!

We have been learning about different forces and had lots of messy fun doing some ‘gravity painting’ using paintbrushes and marbles. We also talked about breaks and friction and have been doing an experiment to work out how far a toy car rolls over different surfaces.

On Tuesday we found out that we are going to be taking part in a music and drama project called ‘Bee Green’. We had great fun taking part in a workshop and are keen to learn lots about bumble bees. Today we talked about bee life cycles and worked in pairs to sort out some jumbled facts about bumble bees. We did really well!



Update from P1

P1 have had another couple of busy weeks.

We have been talking about time in maths and had lots of fun making our own clocks and playing different games. We have also been listening to a very catchy song about the pairs of numbers that make ten. We don’t think we’ll ever forget them now!

We have been learning about the digraphs ay/ai and oy/oi and have been practicing reading and writing lots of different words. On Tuesday we wrote some great stories about having a pet dragon and today we had fun reading a text about an alien called Sid then trying to draw him. We had to get all the details right.

We have been learning about different toys that people played with in the past and went outside into the playground to try out some games. We played with hoops, jumping elastic, marbles, hopscotch and skipping ropes. We are hoping to learn some group games soon.

Today we have been talking about forces. We sorted objects into things you push, pull or both then had lots of fun seeing how many huffs and puffs it took to move different objects across the tables. Miss Reeves was impressed by how much puff some of us have!

Here are some photographs of us busy inside and outside.

Busy in P1

It’s been a short but busy week in P1.

On Tuesday our P7 buddies came to see us and we showed them some of the skills that we have been learning in maths. We used our tens frames, maths racks and also the laptops. This week in maths we have been talking about the numbers that go together to make ten and using our foam tens frames to show the different pairs.

We read a version of ‘Aladdin’ together then wrote some great stories of our own about a magic lamp. On Wednesday we had fun putting some jumbled up sentences into the right order. We had to read the words carefully, use the capital letters and full stops to help us and make sure that our sentences made sense once we had finished them. We all worked really well.

Here are some photographs of our week.

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