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Pupil Voice

Some of our pupils took part in a Pupil Focus Group today. We had representatives from across the school looking at Health and Wellbeing in our school community. We used statements and questions from the document How Good is OUR School to help our conversation along – great work everyone – we came up with a small list of actions

Special Assembly

We were delighted welcome two special guests to assembly today – Heather Campbell from East Linton Library and East Lothian’s Provost Councillor John McMillan.

Heather congratulated those pupils who completed the Summer Reading Challenge and Provost McMillan brought us a very special certificate from the Lord Lyon to thank us for contributing to the competition to design a flag for East Lothian.


We also celebrated all of the winners from the East Linton Flower Show – what a lot of talented people we have in our school!!

P4 Titanic

P4 got stuck in to their new topic today and raised Titanic from her watery grave.

They received a TOP SECRET letter asking them to build the Titanic.

We needed to work in a team to recreate our section of the ship; researching and designing altogether. We took on a role and responsibility and problem solved to create a spectacular image of ‘The Unsinkable Ship’.

I wonder what our next mission will be…

Primary 3 Drama

Today we worked with Shonagh from the Brunton Theatre on a new workshop called “The Red Tree”. We had to show lots of different emotions on our faces and we had to work together as a team to create our responses to the story. It was great fun and we hope to do lots more drama next term.


P3 Generation Science Workshop

In Primary 3 we had an amazing workshop this morning. It was called “Ella’s wobble” and we had to explore how sounds are made. We went on a journey to investigate different animal sounds, how echoes are made and what the word “pitch” means. At the end of the story we got to make 3 different musical instruments which imitated the noise of different animals, it was super fun!