The Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services: Children and Young People

If you follow East Lothian Works on Twitter and Facebook (links at the bottom of this post), you may have seen that we are currently running a social media campaign that focuses on a different Foundation Apprenticeship each week. This week, we’re looking at the Social Services: Children and Young People course. Have a read below to find our more about this framework.

Social services is a quickly growing sector of industry, employing 7.7% of the Scottish workforce. Social Services: Children and Young People Foundation Apprenticeship students have the chance to experience life in the social services industry, with an emphasis on young people. They will have the opportunity to learn about child development, child learning, and play. The world of Social Services for young people and children is a complex, vital part of society. Experience in this field will provide students with the ability to adapt and be flexible, and they will gain strong communication skills as a result.

[The best part of the job is] “watching and supporting the children through their development and challenges, as well as watching them explore their independence and develop their personality. Also, being a part of their learning and early life is great” – Karina, a Practitioner in a nursery. If you’d like to read the full interview, have a read over our ‘A Morning at ABC Nursery’ post.

When it comes to desired skills for this framework, most companies are looking for people with creativity, patience, and compassion, as these traits are key when it comes to working with children and young people.

Our new cohort of 2019-2020 Foundation Apprenticeship students begin after the summer holidays. Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort open around the New Year. Speak to your guidance teacher for advice and an application form. Email with any questions. If you’d like any more information about Foundation Apprenticeships, check out our blog post on them here.

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