An Interview with Rohan

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to interview Rohan, an S3 student in East Lothian, who has taken part in East Lothian Works’ Pre-Voc Musical Theatre group. It was fantastic to gain an insight into what it is like to take part in one of these programmes, and to understand what students enjoy and find difficult about doing such activities. East Lothian Works’ Pre-Vocational courses offer students in secondary school the opportunity to learn and develop social and practical skills which help them gain employment, training, or a place at college or university. They give students the chance to learn new skills and build on talents that they already have.

I sat down with Rohan to ask her a couple of questions:

What made you decide to take part in the musical theatre group?
I was referred to the group through guidance because of confidence issues and anxiety that I have. Through this, guidance said they could sign me up for this group to see how I got on with it…I didn’t know what it involved, I just knew I would go along on a Tuesday.

How did you find the experience of being part of the group?
It gave me a lot of confidence and helped me to see if I should do more stuff like this in my own time, such as signing up for dance. It helped me be happier going to school, because I would always go to school, but I didn’t enjoy it. This group gave me a purpose to go.

What skills have you developed as a result of your experiences?
I’ve definitely gained a lot more confidence, and I’ve learnt to be myself more. I now find a happier way to go about things.

What parts of musical theatre do you find difficult?
Probably making friends within the group. I made friends with a girl for the first couple of weeks, but she left the group to do other things, so I then had to try and make new friends within the group.

What are your favourite parts about doing musical theatre?
I used to do dance but I quit. I really liked getting the chance to do dancing again.

How did you find doing the showcase in front of friends and family?
I found it really fun, and I looked forward to showing them what I had done and managed to do, to show them that I can achieve something and do it well.

Do you think you will continue to do musical theatre or performing?
I will definitely continue to do dance…I would like to do acting as well.

I hear you’re interested in doing another one of our Pre-Voc courses; why do you enjoy doing these classes?
Because they give me a purpose for going to school. A reason to make me a bit happier. I can build my confidence skills, as although the musical theatre group helped me, I still have some anxiety, so it helps me build up my confidence to get over my anxiety.

Would you recommend the Pre-Voc courses to other people?
Yes, definitely!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Rohan for answering my questions during her summer holiday – it’s much appreciated! I wish her the best of luck in her pursuit of becoming a Forensic Psychologist. If you’re interested in taking part in one of the Pre-Voc courses, speak to your guidance teacher for more information. East Lothian Works currently have the following classes:

  • ‘Boom Bap’ Music
  • Girls Allowed
  • Hairdressing and Beauty
  • Introduction to Boxing
  • Introduction to College
  • Introduction to Construction Crafts
  • Introduction to Uniformed Services
  • Musical Theatre ‘Stars in our Eyes’
  • Pre-Vocational Cookery

The Pre-Vocational courses give young people the opportunity to gain experience and build on their confidence. In previous years, the programme has seen many young people gain qualifications which have allowed them to move straight into employment, and successfully complete work experience placements leading to further training or work.

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