The Foundation Apprenticeship in Financial Services

If you follow East Lothian Works on Twitter and Facebook (links at the bottom of this post), you may have seen that we are currently running a social media campaign that focuses on a different Foundation Apprenticeship each week. This week, we’re looking at the Financial Services course. Have a read below to find out more about this framework.

The financial sector directly employs 85,000 people in Scotland, and is a vital contributor to Scotland’s position as a global leader in the industry. The Foundation Apprenticeship in Financial Services gives students the chance to experience life in this sector. They will enhance personal finance awareness, business finance, and customer relationship skills. Working within financial services is a challenging, and yet rewarding experience, providing individuals with many transferrable skills.

When asked what students get out of having experience in a financial organisation, Nicci Lawler, Operations Manager in a financial company stated:
“They get an insight into the financial services industry and how an office works, as well as how departments link in with each other to achieve results”.
If you’d like to read the whole interview, check out our ‘Afternoon at McInroy & Wood’ post.

When it comes to key skills, employers in the industry look for an individual who is inquisitive, organised, and patient.

Our new cohort of 2019-2020 Foundation Apprenticeship students begin after the summer holidays. Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort open around the New Year. Speak to your guidance teacher for advice and an application form. Email with any questions. If you’d like any more information about Foundation Apprenticeships, check out our blog post on them here.

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