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Paddle Boarding Trip

Today’s post focuses on Matthew, one of the young people we work with at East Lothian Works. He has recently completed his Activity Agreement with the Transitions Team, and has since successfully moved on to a Positive Destination.

Matthew has engaged in several activities and courses, and as a result he has learnt many valuable skills, such as good time keeping, reliability, team working, and confidence. The final activity Matthew participated in with his Employment Support Worker Steve Nelson, was to spend an afternoon learning to Stand Up Paddle, which involved reliability, confidence, trust, and listening to and following instructions. But it also involved a great deal of fun!

We wish Matthew all the best for the future as he moves on to a college course (Professional Cookery). Watch this space for the next celebrity chef!

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Staff Spotlight: an interview with Anne Mercer and Liliana

For this week’s Staff Spotlight, I sat down with Anne Mercer, a Volunteer Tutor with East Lothian’s Adult Literacy team, as well as ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). I also met with Liliana, a learner who is working with Anne to improve her English. The Staff Spotlight series aims to promote the hard work that the Adult Services team in East Lothian Works do, and to show the impact they have on the community.

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An Interview with a Foundation Apprentice: Social Services Children and Young People

Today marks the start of a new series on this blog. We will be going to individual students who are currently undertaking Foundation Apprenticeships to get a sense of their experiences and opinions of their course. Today we will be focusing on Jodie, a Foundation Apprentice in the Social Services Children and Young People framework. She is just beginning her second and final year of the programme. Jodie is a fantastic example of an Apprentice; not only has she expressed an interest in working with individuals with Additional Support Needs (ASN), but she also volunteers her free time to work at ‘The Hub’, East Lothian Council’s centre for support for primary children with severe and complex needs. I sat down with Jodie to ask her a couple of questions:

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East Lothian Works and SOSSTA’s Sea-Going Course

Today’s blog post will be focusing on the sea-going training course run by SOSSTA and East Lothian Works. This course covers four accredited SQA units at Level 2, and one voluntary unit. It gives young people the opportunity to introduce themselves to a range of careers within the seagoing industry, such as sea fishing, boat hospitality, engineering, and the Navy. The course itself covers:

  • Basic stability
  • Firefighting
  • Sea survival
  • First aid
  • Health and safety

Young people learning about the sea-going industry is really important in East Lothian, as being near the coast is such a huge part of the Local Authority’s tourism industry and economy.

We asked a student who had participated in the course what they thought:

What made you decide to take part in the Sea-Going course?
I thought it might be good for helping me with some of my jobs, and it would be quite good on my CV.

How did you find the experience?
I thought it was quite good to learn about the things that this course covers.

What was your favourite part about the course?
Probably learning about what you would have to do if you abandoned ship.

What are you doing now?
Going on tall ships, and doing surf lifesaving club.

Individuals wishing to take part in this course must be between the ages of 16 and 21, and cannot be in education, training, or employment. They must be a resident of East Lothian, have a genuine interest in the sea-going industry as a career, and must be committed to undertaking practical and classroom based learning.

If you would like to find out more, contact Connie McLaren – – or Kathleen Renton – – or telephone 01620 827 262.

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Staff Spotlight: An Interview with Blathnaid Quinn

In this week’s Staff Spotlight, we will be talking to Blathnaid Quinn, one of East Lothian Council’s Adult Services Tutors. Having worked with adults in the local area, teaching Literacy, Numeracy, and working on Employability, Blathnaid is an important figure in the community when it comes to these subject areas, and therefore she seemed like the perfect person to speak to in order to learn more about this service.

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An Interview with Rohan

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to interview Rohan, an S3 student in East Lothian, who has taken part in East Lothian Works’ Pre-Voc Musical Theatre group. It was fantastic to gain an insight into what it is like to take part in one of these programmes, and to understand what students enjoy and find difficult about doing such activities. East Lothian Works’ Pre-Vocational courses offer students in secondary school the opportunity to learn and develop social and practical skills which help them gain employment, training, or a place at college or university. They give students the chance to learn new skills and build on talents that they already have.

I sat down with Rohan to ask her a couple of questions:

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Media Education’s Scientific Technologies Video

East Lothian Works have partnered up with the organisation ‘Media Education’, who aid young people in creating media projects. Together with some incredibly talented young people, the team have put together a fantastic video providing an insight into the Scientific Technologies Foundation Apprenticeship.

Check it out below:

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Media Education and the entire team for putting this incredible video together. If you’d like to find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships, have a read of our blog post about them here.

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An Interview with Katie Higgins

Now that the campaign on Foundation Apprenticeships is winding down, now is a good time to chat to Katie Higgins, Co-ordinator for Developing the Young Workforce at East Lothian Works. She is responsible for the planning and logistics of Foundation Apprenticeships in East Lothian, and so Katie is one of the best people to speak to on the subject matter. She is fairly new to the role, having only started less than a year ago, and yet she’s gone full steam ahead, implementing three new Foundation Apprenticeship frameworks, and co-ordinating many different events and activities.

I sat down with Katie to ask her a couple of questions. Continue reading An Interview with Katie Higgins

The Foundation Apprenticeship in Scientific Technologies

If you follow East Lothian Works on Twitter and Facebook (links at the bottom of this post), you may have seen that we are currently running a social media campaign that focuses on a different Foundation Apprenticeship each week. This week, we’re looking at the Scientific Technologies course. Have a read below to find out more about this framework. Continue reading The Foundation Apprenticeship in Scientific Technologies