East Lothian Vocational Opportunities Service


East Lothian Vocational Opportunities Service (ELVOS) is East Lothian Council’s free employment service.

ELVOS helps people with physical, learning, sensory or mental health disabilities to find a range of employment opportunities. We also work with employers to encourage them to see the potential of disabled people and the contribution they can make to their business.

ELVOS also provides support and advice to both employees and employers, who are experiencing difficulties to help sutain their employment.

The service is available, free of charge, to East Lothian residents aged 16 plus. You can contact ELVOS directly, or ask a friend, relative or carer to contact us on your behalf. Other organisations or professionals may also refer you to us, such as a social worker, occupational therapist or community psychiatric nurse.

Download the ELVOS 1 Referral Form (Microsoft Word .doc file, 4 pages, 0.2MB)

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