Foundation Apprenticeships

Find your future employees early

Get involved with Foundation Apprenticeships and you’ll get early access to future talent, by providing school pupils with real experience of the world of work. Helping them achieve an industry recognised qualification and helping you develop your talent pipeline.

How does it work?

Get in touch with East Lothian Works to highlight your interest and we will arrange for you to meet with the Developing the Young Workforce Coordinator to establish how you can support and what frameworks fit well with your business. At this point if you believe the Foundation Apprenticeship programmes are something you can support as an employer we would work in partnership with our training provider to create a plan for how you will work with the apprentice/apprentices.

Once this is arranged there will be an opportunity to meet with potential FA candidates and once decided on the young people who you will work with you will have the opportunity to arrange an induction session just like you would for your other employees.

Pupils will usually be with you either 1 afternoon or 2 afternoons a week on a Tuesday and Thursday. How and when this takes place throughout the year is flexible and is something we would work in partnership on to best suit the pupils and you as an employer.

There isn’t an exam so students are assessed throughout the year. You’ll meet with the Learning Provider to advise on the type of work the FA has been doing and how it matches the assessment framework which will be given to you in your initial conversation with the DYW coordinator. The FA uses the work they have been doing as the evidence for their assessment. A time will be arranged for the assessor to visit the FA apprentice onsite and observe them at work.

When the FA completes their placement with you and progresses onto achieving their full qualification you choose what comes next. You might want to talk to them about moving to a Modern Apprenticeship, or you may want to start thinking about next years FAs and how you can support more young people through this opportunity.

For further information about getting involved in these programmes please contact East Lothian Works or alternatively visit: