Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme for Employers

The Mentoring Programme provides the opportunity for pupils from S2-S6 in East Lothian High Schools to have a Mentor meeting with them on a 1:1 basis once a month.

Employers are given the opportunity to meet with a young person still in Secondary School, and aid them in their decision making regarding their future career path. Students may wish to talk to their Mentor regarding:

  • What it’s like to work in the industry they wish to go into.
  • Help looking for jobs if they are unsure about what they want to do.
  • Nervousness about going to University or College.
  • Advice or support on planning for the future or addressing difficulties in school.

For employers, benefits include:

  • An insight into the mind of the future workforce.
  • The opportunity to develop your own skills and abilities.
  • The chance to meet potential future employees.
  • Giving back to the wider community that your organisation is based within.
  • The opportunity to create an experience out with your daily work schedule.

Please note that this is a voluntary opportunity, and is subject to your organisation’s approval of your time away from work for this Programme. Your PVG will be paid for by East Lothian Council.

Mentors meet with their Mentee roughly once a month for around an hour, often at the Mentee’s school. Adequate training will be given before becoming an official Mentor. Furthermore, support will be given throughout the course of the Programme by East Lothian Works.

If interested, feel free to get in touch with East Lothian Works, stating your interest in the Mentoring Programme.