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Ross High Stem Event

Ross High recently hosted a two day STEM workshop event at which businesses from a wide variety of STEM related sectors worked with the entire S2 cohort to bring STEM subjects to life.

The school were keen for students to understand how STEM subjects are applied to the world of work and also how society benefits from these sectors. The aim was for students to engage with a variety of practical activities, whether this was working with one of Atkins Global’s Landscape Architects designing some exciting outdoor spaces within the school groups, or working with a structural engineer to build a model bridge, Ross pupils experienced real life authentic scenarios from professionals. Thanks to everyone who took part!

St Andrews First Aid:

St. Andrews First Aid supported students in practicing CPR and using a defibrillator.

The Army:

The Army were able to help pupils effectively practice creativity, analytical, and design skills.

Morrisons Construction:

Morrison’s Construction is Scotland’s leading contractor with a strong offering in construction, investments, and facilities management. Pupils thought about water conservation and how to use this valuable and vital resource effectively.


Jacobs Engineering Group:

Jacobs Engineering Group provides engineering, technical, professional, and construction services to a broad range of clients globally, including companies, organisations, and government agencies. Their presentation on transport strategy allowed pupils to work in groups designing an environmentally sustainable community.

Atkins Global:

Atkins Global is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering, and project management consultancies. One of their landscape architects came in to give a presentation on how to create exciting outdoor spaces. Pupils were given the task of creating innovative outdoor spaces on the school grounds.

Skills Development Scotland:

Skills Development Scotland support pupils to build their career opportunities. Pupils played a fun interactive game on career options. Students were able to improve their knowledge on the types of STEM sectors available and some of the skills required for working in certain sectors.


Viridor is a large waste management company that operate an energy recovery facility in Dunbar. The facility is integral to the Scottish Government’s ambitions to deliver a zero waste, circular economy which encourages waste reduction and boosts recycling. Pupils had to effectively insulate piping; a task Viridor engineers have to consider daily.

Code Clan:

Code Clan brings coding to life. They held a virtual session for pupils who picked up some valuable coding tips.

East Lothian Council’s Foundation Apprenticeships 2022-2024

Foundation Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for S4 and S5 students in East Lothian. They provide pupils with valuable work experience while gaining a qualification at SCQF Level 6 (equivalent to a Higher). They help build skills and knowledge to assist them in entering into:

  • The job market
  • A Modern Apprenticeship
  • A Graduate Apprenticeship
  • College or University

Foundation Apprenticeships take two years to complete. Students typically spend the first year of the programme working in a classroom-based setting to complete the National Progression Award (NPA), and spend the second year undertaking work experience with local employers in their industry of choice.

The course takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and does not interfere with any other subjects students may wish to choose as part of their subject choicing.

The course has been designed to address areas where there is a demand for skilled workers. Therefore this ensures that the students have the knowledge and expertise to succeed in future job opportunities. East Lothian Works currently offers four frameworks.


Students will learn about recording financial accounting information and bookkeeping, management accounting, and preparing financial information, amongst other subject areas.

Current employers we work with include:

  • East Lothian Council Accountancy department
  • Trainline
  • Enjoy Leisure

Business Skills

Students will learn about management and business priorities across the industry, such as: working with IT software, managing people and finance, and contemporary business issues. They will learn how to plan, manage, and improve their own performance within the business and administration sector.

Current employers we work with include:

  • FES Group
  • Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
  • Scottish Seabird Centre

Scientific Technologies

Students will learn about the development of new medicines, bioinformatics, medical technologies, as well as how the industry can contribute to society through improving people’s health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Current employers we work with include:

  • Charles River Laboratories
  • Scotland’s Rural College
  • University of Edinburgh

Social Services Children and Young People

Students will learn about the safeguarding of children, as well as how to develop, interact, and play with young people.

Current employers we work with include:

  • Almond Park Nursery
  • Aberlady Nursery
  • Dunbar Nursery

If you are interested in undertaking a Foundation Apprenticeship, please speak to your Guidance Teacher and choose it as one of your subject choices. If you would like more information, please email elworks@eastlothian.gov.uk and we would be happy to help. You can also find us on social media:

Twitter – @el_works

Facebook – facebook.com/eastlothianworks

Foundation Apprenticeship FAQ 2021

On the run up to the course choice period for our senior phase pupils across East Lothian, East Lothian Works is holding a variety of virtual events covering a range of opportunities that school pupils and school leavers have access to. We recently delivered a live virtual event on foundation apprenticeships where we welcomed along pupils, parents, carers and teachers to gain further information about the foundation apprenticeship programmes and what they involve.

For those who were unable to attend our live event or still have some questions you need answers to we hope the attached FAQ will provide you with required information.

2021 Foundation Apprenticeship FAQ

Staff Spotlight: Emma Lacey

Today’s Staff Spotlight is a little different; we are speaking to Emma Lacey, Business Support and Communications Officer for the Regional Developing the Young Workforce Team. ‘East Lothian Works’ work closely with Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), and therefore our Staff Spotlight series seemed like a great way to highlight all the hard work they do.

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Today, Tuesday the 6th of August, is not only Scottish exam results day, but it’s also #NoWrongPath day. This is a campaign led by Developing the Young Workforce in Edinburgh, Midlothian, and East Lothian, that aims to show young people that many individuals in interesting job roles in Scotland may not have taken a straight, obvious, or traditional path to get there.

The #NoWrongPath campaign celebrates the range and diversity of career paths that are followed after school in Scotland. While some people choose to go to college and/or university after secondary school, others may choose to go into training, an Apprenticeship, or straight into employment. All of the aforementioned pathways after school can lead to your dream job, as long as you apply hard work and determination.

Last year, #NoWrongPath was used almost 20,000 times on social media. Help us spread the word this year, by going on to East Lothian Works’ Twitter and Facebook page (links below) and sharing our #NoWrongPath posts. Or, you could get involved yourself! Head on to social media and share your own story to success; how did you get to where you are now?

I’d like to extend a massive good luck and congratulations to all the young people receiving their exam results today. Remember, exam results do not determine your future, so work hard and keep focused, and you’ll get to where you want to be.

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Jobs Kingdom Live

On Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th of May, Queen Margaret University was host to a first-of-its-kind event. Run in collaboration between East Lothian Council, the Developing the Young Workforce Regional Group, Queen Margaret University, Napier University, and Edinburgh College, with sponsorship from Santander, Morrison Construction, and Canon, ‘Jobs Kingdom Live’ took East Lothian by storm!

Students hard at work in the archaeology sandpit.
Students hard at work in the archaeology sandpit.

The event known as Jobs Kingdom Live gave all P5 pupils in East Lothian the opportunity to try out a multitude of different jobs. The aim was to show young people the types of careers that are available to them, in order to have children thinking about their career paths earlier in life. Students were encouraged to participate in activities related to jobs they may have never heard of before, or may not have considered, in order to display the wide multitude of opportunities available on the job market.

Students with their completed lava lamps.

Jobs available on the day included:

  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Archaeology
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Emergency Services
The next generation of fire fighters!

The event has been seen to be a huge success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the 1,300 pupils that attended, as well as from the exhibitors themselves. Jobs Kingdom Live is looking to be an event that will be remembered for a long time to come, and we can’t wait to start planning for next year!

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