Expressive Arts (Curriculum)


Our 2020-21 programme is now available to download below. Face to face delivery will depend upon the current Covid-19 guidelines, therefore if you would like any more information or to discuss the most up to date options, please contact:

Rhian Monro,
Art Education Officer

Expressive Arts across the Curriculum has been devised by East Lothian Council’s Arts Service who are based in The Brunton. The Arts Service’s aim, in line with Scottish Government policy, is to provide teachers with opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and to enable schools to develop partnerships with professional arts companies, tutors and organisations.

By engaging in experiences within the expressive arts, children and young people will recognise and represent feelings and emotions, both their own and those of others. The expressive arts play a central role in shaping our sense of personal, social and cultural identity. Learning in the expressive arts also plays an important role in supporting children and young people to recognise and value the variety and vitality of culture locally, nationally and globally.                                               

Learning in, through and about the expressive arts enables children and young people to:

 -be creative and express themselves in different ways

  – experience enjoyment and contribute to other people’s enjoyment through creative and expressive performance and presentation

 develop important skills, both those specific to the expressive arts and those which are transferable

 -develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas and, for some,

 -prepare for advanced learning and future careers by building foundations for excellence in the expressive arts.

 Curriculum for Excellence, p55

The Arts Service believes that the expressive arts are inspiring and have the capacity to engage and fascinate learners of all ages. We have an exciting variety of workshops that are taught by excellent experienced tutors who are renowned artists in their fields. These workshops can be delivered to all stages in line with the expressive arts framework as set out in the Curriculum for Excellence.