The Humbie Experience

P1-3 has been learning to use the Stop, Motion, Animation tool on the blue digital camera, which we bought with our Tesco vouchers.  For their first movie they used small world characters to create, “Accident in Happy Land.”  This required the children to systematically move the characters very slightly and take photos of each move.  The programme played the 1800 photos very quickly together which gave the illusion that the characters came to life.All children had the opportunity to be directors (plan the moves), operate the computer to take shots, edit the movie and add sound effects.  The final result was a two minute animation about road safety. The children have been busy advertising and selling tickets for their premiere.  They are going to show their movie and a video of how they did it to the older children, parents and staff on Friday 8th Dec.  They are also going to make and sell popcorn and we thought if we could find a red carpet we’d roll it for the stars – it’s all go at Humbie!

Using Alphasmarts to support writing in the curriculum

Great features in an Alphasmart: –* children can start work in school, work on it at home and bring it back to school again * work is automatically saved and cannot be deleted in error * Co-Writer (installed on all Alphasmarts) aids spelling and enables the children to create a lengthy piece of work with a lot less effort * Alphasmarts are fun to use and the children love the independence they bring.*  with the provided USB cable it is easy for the children to send the information to a word processing package on the computer independently