Calling all Innovative Teachers

I am on secondment to the ICT in the Curriculum Team, with a remit of fostering and sharing creative practice in ICT in East Lothian schools.  A main focus will be supporting and recording the Extreme Learning projects, liaising between schools who are running pilots and so forth. Another strand is identifying and sharing other forms of good practice, using ICT creatively. If you regularly use ICT in your teaching and learning, please get in touch. I’d really like to discuss and see what you do, and how well it works. We may be able record your innovation for others to share. It might be an incredibly small but useful idea, or an ambitious, long term project. We really want to credit creativity, and share expertise.  In the longer term, Glow will be the medium for sharing the good practice. Microsoft are funding my secondment, which sadly is only one day a week. But I am able to work flexibly, and I really do want to hear from innovative teachers.  I can be contacted on school, or Emma Griffiths