The BETT Show is the world’s leading educational information and communications technologies (ICT) event, attracting around 600 educational suppliers. The show is held at London Olympia every January and it brings together the global teaching and learning community.

Some of the new programs on view at this year’s show were two new products from – ‘Clicker Paint’ which works seamlessly within Clicker 5, enabling pupils to illustrate their writing and engage in a range of new learning activities.  Also coming soon from Crick – ‘Clicker Phonics’, the aim of which is to get pupils working with phonics through using engaging materials at the right level for their needs. The program is designed to be used alongside any other phonics scheme.

At the Swallow Systems stand there was an opportunity to view some of the resources available for Pippin and Pixie Mark 2, both used for the teaching of Control Technology.  The Mark 2 version of Pixie became available in 2005, although Pixie was first introduced as far back as 1995.  At this stand I was given a demonstration of WriteTrack a product which is due for production later in 2007.  WriteTrack aims to help those pupils with difficulties in fine motor control and hand eye coordination develop their handwriting skills.  It is like a pen but the nib contains a sensing system to help the user keep their handwriting on the ‘write track’.  Will watch developments of this product with interest.

Elizabeth Cowan

2 responses to “BETT Show”

  1. Hi Elizabeth

    I’m intersted in Clicker Paint. Does it need Clicker 5 to work? Also, I understand it works with switches. Do you have any information on this?


  2. Clicker paint integrates with Clicker 5 but can work as a stand alone program as well.
    Yes, you can paint with switches. Take a look at the Crick website for more detailed information.