Special Needs at BETT

Once in the Special needs area at BETT, a poster of Tintin caught my eye. This was on the DITT (Dyslexia International Tools and Technologies) stand which featured a CD starring Tintin and Snowy on the road to success in The Mystery of the Lost Letters which is aimed at dyslexics aged 8-13. Although I did not see the CD in operation there is a useful website to look at www.tosuccess.org for more useful information.

A demonstration of AssistiveWare products followed (www.assistiveware.com). This is a company which specialises in assistive technology to help people with physical, speech, language and vision impairments and I found the demonstartion most interesting. Their products are developed exclusively for MacOSX.

The final presentation of the day came from the Don Johnston company www.donjohnston.co.uk who launched their new product the ‘Incite! Learning Series’. This product is designed to support a wide range of student ability levels, create interactive lessons and support and encourage active thinking, learning and discussion.

Elizabeth Cowan