Extreme Learning

Extreme Learning

Emma Griffiths is starting her second year as a member of the ICT in the Curriculum team, on a part time basis. 
Emma works one day a week on a secondment funded by Microsoft, which aims to identify and celebrate excellence
and innovation in teaching, using ICT.  The academic session 2007 – 8 is the second and final year of the secondment.
The aim of the secondment has always been to support the development of Extreme Learning. While developing the rationale
and structure of implementation has had a rather longer lead time than anticipated, the main focus of Emma’s time this year
will be to address any remaining barriers to teachers running Extreme Learning in their schools.
A first step will be to create a steering group, and a training event will take place in January.
Any teachers or other staff interested in becoming involved at any level should make contact.
The Extreme Learning website has a lot of very useful background:
Extreme Learning for Teachers » 1. About

Feedback on the prototype Extreme Learning example being created at present is very welcome.